People you should follow on Twitter

We have compiled a list of people on twitter who we believe you should follow.  Here is a list of the people and the reason they’re worth following.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or tweet us @idrinksport (


  1. @ProFootballTalk – Possibly the Greatest football blog/news site on the web. Real time updates for all things NFL –
  2. @BeerConnoisseur – Publishes a great magazine and consistently tweets festivals and events related to beer happenings.
  3. @BarleyDine – Great Blogger who consistently gives those who wish to try different food and beer pairings ideas.
  4. @Adam_Schefter – Although if you follow him, you will quickly realize this guy eats, sleeps, drinks and probably has sex with football…the guy is on top of his game with news and updates.
  5. @EricStangel – None of his tweets can be taken seriously.  The head writer for the Letterman show tweets about sports non stop and constantly has you laughing.
  6. @KFUCKINGP – Kenny Powers of East Bound and Down (HBO series).  If you’ve seen the show, follow him.  If you haven’t seen the show, watch it..then follow him.
  7. @OGOchoCinco – OchoCinco…This was obvious. 
  8. @briankelly_ – Self proclaimed Sports Geek.  Stumbled onto this account and the guy rarely disappoints.  Outside of a foursquare checkin or two.
  9. @ESPN_Michelle – For 1, She’s hot. For 2, she knows sports. For 3, She’s hot?
  10. @ESPN – Nuff said.


I’m sure we’re missing a ton, so feel free to drop us some love, hate or who we should follow via the comments or @idrinksport on twitter.

Poker, is it a sport?

While I sit around drinking a beer and playing some very low stakes online poker, I thought to myself, I’m one mother f***ing hell of an athlete some nights on these tables.  Then I thought, wait a minute, is this really a sport or am I just playing something that is glorified chess?

I guess I personally find myself putting Poker in the category of “Almost, sorta, kind of, but not really” a sport. That category hosts quite a few of what some people would actually call a sport, such as NASCAR, INDY, Cycling, Chess, Triathlons, etc.  What do yall think?

Speaking of Triathlons, that reminds me of my favorite Kenny Powers moment.  See about 1:50 into the video…lol  “Not the best at exercising”