The Hangover Chronicles – Part XII – The Mineral

A mission of every Hangover Chronicle is to find a hangover cure or bust the myth of it really curing a hangover.  The Creator of the Hangover Chronicles, “Put em down” Brown, had a vision of where these blogisodes would take us and how they would eventually help the drinking community overcome the dreaded hangover.  However, a month ago the drinking community lost a fearless leader when “Put em down” went to the Betty Ford clinic due to alcohol abuse and the stress being put on him by attempting to cure hangovers.  This past week, Mr. Brown let us know that he was out of the clinic and back home having a few drinks as he tries to get back in shape in time for the late summer/fall season of the Hangover Chronicles.  We wish him the best of luck for a full recovery.

This week in the Hangover Chronicles we will be attempting to add minerals back to our body via Pickles and Tunafish.

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