People you should follow on Twitter

We have compiled a list of people on twitter who we believe you should follow.  Here is a list of the people and the reason they’re worth following.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or tweet us @idrinksport (


  1. @ProFootballTalk – Possibly the Greatest football blog/news site on the web. Real time updates for all things NFL –
  2. @BeerConnoisseur – Publishes a great magazine and consistently tweets festivals and events related to beer happenings.
  3. @BarleyDine – Great Blogger who consistently gives those who wish to try different food and beer pairings ideas.
  4. @Adam_Schefter – Although if you follow him, you will quickly realize this guy eats, sleeps, drinks and probably has sex with football…the guy is on top of his game with news and updates.
  5. @EricStangel – None of his tweets can be taken seriously.  The head writer for the Letterman show tweets about sports non stop and constantly has you laughing.
  6. @KFUCKINGP – Kenny Powers of East Bound and Down (HBO series).  If you’ve seen the show, follow him.  If you haven’t seen the show, watch it..then follow him.
  7. @OGOchoCinco – OchoCinco…This was obvious. 
  8. @briankelly_ – Self proclaimed Sports Geek.  Stumbled onto this account and the guy rarely disappoints.  Outside of a foursquare checkin or two.
  9. @ESPN_Michelle – For 1, She’s hot. For 2, she knows sports. For 3, She’s hot?
  10. @ESPN – Nuff said.


I’m sure we’re missing a ton, so feel free to drop us some love, hate or who we should follow via the comments or @idrinksport on twitter.

NFL Power Rankings Week 8

I enjoyed doing the rankings last week, figure i’d try to make it a weekly blog.  Here is my rankings after week 8 games

(LW=last week’s ranking)

  1. (#2)New Orleans Saints 7-0– Strong performance on Monday night, + a struggle by the colts put the Saints at # 1. With that defense causing turnovers this team is scary.
  2. (#1)Indianapolis Colts 7-0– struggling with the 49ers might give the colts a gut check that it needs to go far in January
  3. (#4)Minnesota Vikings 7-1– Vikes showed Pack who will win the NFC North this year
  4. (#3)Denver Broncos 6-1– Did they ever get put in their place by the ravens? it only gets tougher with Pitt up next.
  5. (#5) New England Patriots 5-2– Will anyone challenge them in the AFC East?
  6. (#6) Cincinnati Bengals 5-2– Ravens then Steelers, can’t afford to drop these two.  Split will do wonders to help control destiny.
  7. (#7) Pittsburgh Steelers 5-2– Broncos and Bengals come to town, steelers are starting to click at the right time.
  8. (#10) Philadelphia Eagles 5-2– McNabb’s back and looking good, DeSean Jackson is one of the surprise talents of ’09
  9. (#11) Dallas Cowboys 5-2– No more distractions players can actually focus nowand it shows
  10. (#14) Baltimore Ravens 4-3– Ravens need more consistency from D to compete for AFC North & wild card
  11. (#13) Houston Texans 5-3– 3 straight W’s for texans, next up undefeated Colts
  12. (#10) Arizona Cardinals 4-3– Can’t afford to drop 2 straight, trip to Soldier field can help rewrite their season
  13. (#12) Atlanta Falcons 4-3– Defense needs improvement if they want a wild card spot
  14. (#13) Green Bay Packers 4-3– Can aaron rodgers make it through the rest of the season continuing to get beat up.
  15. (#9) New York Giants 5-3–  Coughlin needs to regroup team before their playoff chances slip away
  16. (#17) San Diego Chargers 4-3– If LT has one of those games with 2tds every other game, watch out broncos.
  17. (#18) Chicago Bears 4-3– Need forte to be the pro bowl back he was last year to continue their playoff hopes
  18. (#19) Miami Dolphins 3-4– Swept the Jets, that’ll shut up Mr. Ron White in New York, need a lot of help this year
  19. (#16) New York Jets 4-4– You can talk all you want, but if you can’t back it up going to be a long year
  20. (#21) San Fransisco 49ers 3-4- There is no moral victories in the NFL but they have to feel confident going forward.
  21. (#24) Carolina Panthers 3-4-  Iif williams and stewart get back to form from 08 they will be competitive.
  22. (#20) Jacksonville Jaguars 3-4- MJD enough said, he has carried them this whole year
  23. (#22) Buffalo Bills 3-5– TO finally scored, on a run?  He needs to be involved more for them to not have a losing season.
  24. (#23) Seattle Seahawks 2-5– Hello Detroit, lions are always a good pick me up.  Where is TJ?
  25. (#25) Washington Redskins 2-5– No offensive struggles this week. Grant it, it was their bye week.  But baby steps
  26. (#28) Tennessee Titans 1-6-Running the ball like that will make vince look good every time.
  27. (#26) Oakland Raiders 2-5- Nothing really positive coming from Oakland, doesn’t help their coach is in the headlines.
  28. (#26) Detroit Lions 1-6- Lions can relax rest of season, since they can’t go 0-16 again.  Don’t see many more victories on their schedule
  29. (#29) Kansas City Chiefs 1-6- How can they keep LJ rest of the season, got to put the hammer down.
  30. (#30) St. Louis Rams 1-7– Anyone else feel bad for Steven Jackson?
  31. (#32) Tamp Bay Buccaneers 0-7– Hey they didn’t lose, there is something positive
  32. (#31) Cleveland Browns 1-7- Can mangini last the whole year?

What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 8 Brett Favre

This latest version of what’s chapping, is a major one in the Commish’s eye. 

Volume 8 of the What’s Chapping the Commish brings us to Mr. Brett Favre aka Mr. Retired, oops Mr. Un-retired, no I mean Mr. Retired.  He’s been retired and un-retired so many times that I don’t know which way is up.

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ESPN Mock Fantasy draft? Big dud…

I generally don’t hate seeing mock drafts and “what if” lists but ESPN took a weird turn with their latest “what if” mock draft. ESPN comes off looking like CNN/SI on this one, a site that tries to be hip but their main personalities seem to be over the age of 55.  Stick with what ya do good ESPN…don’t put page 2 on page 1.

Also, a thing I don’t understand is how you can say in one instance, this guy will be great with the current players and then draft people like Calvin Johnson and Peyton Manning to current NFL teams.  How will that work out?

This mock draft is a far reach for ordinary sports fans who don’t play dungeon and dragons…

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Basketball on ESPN HD

HD and ESPN have spoiled me.  Every single day you can watch some game of Basketball on ESPNHD from the months of December through April.  Watching a lot of basketball allows you to get accustomed to the personalities of ESPN.  Dick Vitale, Bobby Knight, Digger Phelps, etc. etc.  ESPN for the most part does a great job of picking the perfect people to analyze a basketball game and give you a little humor yet each one leaves you wishing someone would tell them what annoys you.  That is my goal for the next two weeks of never ending basketball on the ESPN family of networks.

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