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In the summer months it’s a common occurrence to have local friends over and meet up with friends that may have moved out of quick driving distance.  With Sports taking a back seat during the summer, it’s time to focus on Friends, Drinking, and Drinking with Friends.  Although we find it okay to continue pounding the Natural Light like we did in college with old friends, we do like to spice it up a little bit and try new things.  That has lead us to our first summer review of a Beer drinking website that also adds food to the mix,

Upon first entering the site, one is pleasantly satisfied with the smoothness of the site.  The main content of the site is broken into main sections, a blog and a recipe section.

The Recipe section consists of different ways to add beer to food and desserts. Each Recipe is submitted by a Restaurant, Brewery or someone’s personal Home Recipe. Some of the Recipes are as simple as adding beer, such as the Breck Brew Vanilla Porter Milkshake.  No matter what recipe you try, good or bad, no will complain because beer is involved.

The blog section of the site adds some real hop to the site (pun intended).  The site author goes over meal pairings with different types of Beer.  His latest success paired a beer called Arrogant Bastard along with Steak and Bean enchiladas (read it here).  Other pairings can be found on the site along with Video and Pictures.

Rating and recommend:

I would rate this site an overall success, plenty of recipes to try and a well written blog about beer and food can make any beer drinker salivate.  Would we recommend the site? Overwhelmingly Yes.

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