The Hangover Chronicles – Part X – The Vitamin C

This weeks blogisode has us trying out Vitamin C as a hangover remedy.  Vitamin C has been known to stimulate the liver, which we all know is what helps break down our alcohol.  Taking too much Vitamin C along with the stress already put on your stomach from drinking, may be too much to handle.  This blogisode we will find out!

I first want to mention that this week and perhaps a few more weeks the rest of us will be filling in for the master of hangover, “put em down” Brown.  He is blogging in between AA meetings from his secluded window in the padded room at the Betty Ford Clinic.  Luckily they didn’t consider his Laptop a sharp object or he would have been unable to drop this morning’s NBA Finals blog! Now onto the Hangover cure attempt…

Saturday afternoon, with plenty of sports to watch on TV and it being so nice outside, I was in a bit of a quandary.  Do I go outside and enjoy great weather or do I stay inside and watch Baseball, Tiger Woods and eventually NHL Stanley Cup?  The prereq for either would be whether I had beer or if I would have to go to the store and get some.  With no real peer pressure to go outside and with a full case of Bud Light and a bottle of Tequila, my ass got in some good sports viewing along with playing some NBA Live on the 360.  I was punishing beers at a 2 BPI pace(2 Beers Per Inning for all you sober baseball watchers), for the first 4 innings and then my BPI slipped to a meager .5 pace.   We can get into the whole BPI story at another time. In order to get a solid hangover I knew I was going to have to add the Tequila to the mix because my tolerance is getting to the level of our Boy B-rad, who could polish off a Lunch Pale a day like it was breakfast (Lunch Pale = 12 pack of Natural Light, we can also get into this later).  Overall I’d say I drank about 14 beers and 5 shots of tequila by the end of the evening.  Popped a few of those Vitamin C pills and went to bed.

Results: I woke up at 9am with a solid headache and a pissed off attitude, because the Vitamin C and drinking worked well enough to cause me to run to the bathroom to relieve myself.  I still had a head ache so it didn’t work as well as I hoped, so  I went back to bed for an hour or so and when I woke up I felt great. Overall I don’t see this as a remedy that I would try and expect it to work as a cure all solution but I also think you could add this to another remedy and it wouldn’t hurt.  Vitamin C is never a bad thing to take, just not a cure all hangover remedy for a real drinking night.

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