The Hangover Chronicles – Part IX – The Ade

I officially have a drinking problem. I don’t think it is an ordinary type of drinking problem. I don’t drink during the week very much if at all recently, and I don’t get belligerent and start fights or anything. Actually some people can’t even tell when I’m drunk when I am, and obviously one of those people that can’t tell is me. My brain tells me I’m completely fine and not drunk, and my body is like the 17 year old girl that drank too much and now has alcohol poisoning. It sucks because when I’m drinking I feel fine and don’t think I need to take it easy or stop drinking so I just keep guzzling them down until I pop. So yes, I had another throw up session in the confines of my bedroom again. As I laid there and my body temporarily paralyzed, I realized after the second wave of pasta alfredo ejection that I really have a problem. Obviously if I could control it I would and since I can’t then I think I need to stop drinking for awhile. I know you might say “just drink a couple”, but yeah I may do that for awhile and then when I think I have it under control I will get tanked and discharge.

I honestly have no idea how much I drank, but I know that I felt like shitake the next day. I woke up to what appeared at first to be a murder scene, but I was not deterred from completing my Chronicles assignment for the weekend. I cleaned up and grabbed the 1 gallon bottle of fruit punch Gatorade that I bought and started to chug. I chugged and chugged all day long until the damn thing was nearly gone. It didn’t really fully recover until the next morning, but by the end of the day Sunday I was feeling much better than I did when I got up. The Gatorade tasted good and quenched my thirst, but I don’t know if it did much else than that and get fluids in me. I’m sure you all are aware that when you feel like death, there is not much you can put in your system that tastes good. Even water is hard to force down sometimes when you feel bad enough.

So I named this one Ade because it doesn’t necessarily have to be Gatorade, it can be Powerade or anything else with ELECTROLYTES! I don’t think this stuff is a cure by any means, but I think it helped me a little with recovering faster. Nothing that God has created could have cured that shit for me on Sunday. I could have mixed the two cures together (BC Beer) and that shit wouldn’t have worked. Grab yourselves a tissue because I am sad to say that I will not be doing The Hangover Chronicles for awhile and will pass the buck to other idrinksport writers and guest writers. Do not worry, it will continue and I will be back soon.

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11 thoughts on “The Hangover Chronicles – Part IX – The Ade

  1. I for one will be the first to say, I’m sad you have to take a break. As for the reason you can’t stop from throwing up, I have a few suggestions that help me.

    1. if you want to drink fast and a lot, don’t drink anything but a light beer.
    2. Alfredo and drinking don’t mix. That’s a thick substance that will coat your stomach along with the pasta…and you had 2 bowls of it? It makes me want to throw up right now just thinking of mixing heavy drinking and the word “alfredo”

    Good luck in rehab my friend, the drinking community has lost a great friend today. 🙁

  2. I almost gag just thinking about alfredo sauce now…it will never be the same…

    I can picture you sitting in your room with a 6 pack of guiness and a half pound of noodles covered in a jar of alfredo…

  3. One of idrinksport’s finest is taking a leave, it takes a big man to realize he needs to cool his drinking. I will drink a Bud Light Lime in your honor tonight, and alfredo sauce has never entered my body and after reading that. The mental picture will definately make me not want to eat it.

  4. evan williams and coke. i got you son, you give me things to try and ill try to fill in for a while hahaha

  5. I expect and deserve some quality testing and hilarious stories from the new contributors. Don’t get comfortable because I will be back!

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