The Hangover Chronicles – Part VII – The Concoction

Good to be back. I missed 2 weeks of testing in a row and for that I apologize. I am so deeply sorry that I put myself through some sick crap for this week’s THC. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this because there is plenty of other so called “cures” out there that don’t involve torture. My highly intelligent plan was to put a bunch of stuff that is supposedly good for hangovers or for you in general into a big glass and drink it. I know what you are thinking, what an awesome idea, but calm down let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

The girls 2 doors down were having a birthday party and invited us cool guys. This of course involved me having to talk to women so I busted out the Sailor Jerry (92 proof rum) to assist me. We ran out of any type of soda to mix it with so I just drank it straight and chased it with some bud light. 10 shots and 4 beers later and we decided to head out to the bars. Liquor creeps up on me like Jason Vorhees on a chick taking a shower with the ch ch ch ha ha ha music playing. Like my roommate said, it was like somebody hit the switch on me and I was blacked out drunk by the time we got to the bar. They had to take me home because I was on the verge of bringing my quesadilla back to the earth that I had chomped on earlier.

I woke up with a weirder hangover than usual. I usually have a terrible headache, which is probably because I drink beer most of the time, but I guess liquor doesn’t give me the same painful migraine. I did have a slight headache, but the nausea was what really was unbearable for me. I couldn’t tell if I was still drunk or if I had the swine flu. I went downstairs immediately and started making my concoction. I grabbed my big 32oz beer mug and mixed the following together: 2 cups of v8 juice, a cup of water, 6oz of bud light, 2 vitamin C pills, and I put a slice of bread on the rim of the glass like an orange peel. I have never tasted anything as disgusting as this shit before in my life. It tasted only what I imagine what throw up tastes like after sitting out for 4 and a half days and then that mixed with urine.

Sip by sip I managed to force down just about the whole glass. If I had not still been a little drunk, I am pretty sure I would have thrown up and not drank the thing. Hour after hour I waited patiently and nauseously. 6 episodes of Nip/Tuck later and I still felt like shit. It wasn’t until about 6 or 7 when I finally felt like my hangover was over. I guess this is what I get for missing THC for the past 2 weeks.

Results: Fail. Not only do I passionately hate V8, but all of that other crap in there was so effing disgusting. Even if this concoction did work, would it be worth the pain of having to drink it? Hells no. I’d take a migraine over that aggregation of awful any day. It helped absolutely nothing and I feel like a complete idiot for even trying it. Good day.

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9 thoughts on “The Hangover Chronicles – Part VII – The Concoction

  1. haha wow, what the hell were you thinking of mixing all that nasty shit together…next week you gonna take a blender and mix texas pete and applesauce and see if that helps? lol

    great hangover attempt.

  2. Mr. Brown there should be a award for the amount of time and pain you have done for your research. I know for all us THC readers out there we appreciate your dedication to making our hangovers a little less painful

  3. I’ll agree with whodey…that bc powder and sprite chug might be the best thing since sliced bread. I would never try this hangover cure no matter what…v8 juice to me is like drinking a garden, not a fan of drinking corn and carrots.

  4. I agree…..this just doesn’t sound good. Pretty much sounds like it will force projecticle vomiting. You could have made it worse by substituting the Bud Light for the Budweiser clamato beer. Now that would taste like crap.

  5. Haha! Willow, I am sorry I we came up with all that stuff. Had I known that it was going to be that bad I would have made you beer bong it just to get it over faster. I have to say though you are doing a great deal to help society and for generations to come people will look to you for the answers to hangovers. Good luck in your travels and best wishes my friend!

  6. I must say that by and large I am really pleased with this website. After reading your post I can tell you are well informed about your writing. Looking forward to future posts.Cheers!

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