The Hangover Chronicles – Part VI – The Bacon

The most important meal of the day is supposedly Breakfast, so why not try a hangover cure involving your morning breakfast? Doing a little research we found that Bacon is supposedly a great hangover cure due to the amount of amino acids associated with Bacon, therefore replenishing your body with the ingredients lost during drinking alcoholic beverages. Is this a myth or does it really help? This week’s blogisode will find out.

“Put em down” Brown’s liver was on an alcohol retreat in the Hamptons for a week while it recovered and attended some AA meetings so he asked me to fill in. Bacon was on our list along with a few other foods that Mr. Brown didn’t really want to try, so why not give it a whirl this week.

First things first, what did I drink and how much did I consume? Saturday I went to an all you can drink charity event from 12-6. Our “camp” was set up right next to a Bud Light van that had ShockTop on tap along with a few others. Needless to say I averaged at least 2.5 cups per hour as well as visiting the liquor tent twice, bringing up at least a total of 15 beers and 2 liquor drinks in 6 hours. I’ll be honest in admitting that I didn’t remember every piece of what happened at the end or even remember getting in the taxi and riding home, but I do remember getting home and drinking a few more Bud Lights and eating Pizza. Although a few hours seemed to slip my memory I do remember being the last one to go to bed around 11:30.

I woke up at around 7:30 and actually felt great, probably because I didn’t have a hangover yet and still had a nice buzz so I thought I better cook and eat the bacon before the headache comes. After eating approximately 5 huge pieces of bacon on a bagel and a scoop of scrambled eggs, I sat at the Tiki Bar wondering if I should try the hair of the dog, but knowing that we wanted to see how Bacon did, I didn’t.

Did it work? Not as well as I hoped because a few hours later I began to get the normal hangover symptoms I usually get, overheating and a headache. I did however not throw up at all that day so perhaps the Bacon helped offset a possible revisit with the pizza I had the night before. As much as my arteries probably enjoyed the Bacon grease, I wouldn’t say Bacon is a hangover miracle…it may help a little bit but we won’t say that eating Bacon is a hangover cure because quite frankly it’s not, and it’s really bad for you especially because you have already put yourself through the ringer by drinking the night before. Bacon or almost any type of food the next morning may help fight the onset of a few beers from the night before, but not a true hangover from a real drinking night.


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9 thoughts on “The Hangover Chronicles – Part VI – The Bacon

  1. Kudos to you for actually making something in the morning, personally if i consumed that much my ass would still be sleeping or laying on the couch feeling like death.

  2. I agree. Not easy to do that in the morning after drinking. Thanks for stepping in for me this week Howes. For some reason I am not getting hangover lately. I guess I got to drink more this weekend.

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