The Hangover Chronicles – The Review I

With 5 weeks of rigorous scientific testing and with so many complex results, I figured I would take every sixth week off and write a review about the past 5 weeks. Actually, I was going to do a test this past weekend, but things didn’t work out so now I am making shit up. I know that it seems like I have been slacking for the past 2 weeks, but things were sort of out of my control over the weekend.

My special guest for this weekend was my friend John. The reason I thought this would be an interesting guest to have, is because as long as I have known and drank with John, he almost always never gets a hangover. This shit just blows my mind, because many times he will actually drink more than me and I will be the one throwing up in his parent’s bed and feeling like I am dying for the next 12 hours and he will be the one completely fine the next morning. I know you all have at least that one friend that doesn’t get hangovers, or maybe it is you that doesn’t, but this behavior pisses me off. I know that one day hangovers will be the cause of the end of my drinking days. Maybe it’s a good thing for me, my liver, and my brain that I do get hangovers then.

Friday night I got pretty hammered and I woke up Saturday morning pretty damn hung over. My original plan was to do my hangover cure on Sunday so I thought to myself, let me just get rid of this hangover now with something I know that works, and Sunday I will do my test. I opened up a Sprite can and dumped 2 packets of BC powder into it and chugged it. No lie, not even 2 hours later my hangover is completely gone. I need to seriously write a love note to the people over at BC including dirty talk and nude pictures of myself. I got pretty drunk Saturday night too, enough to where I thought I would have a hangover the next day, but I surprisingly didn’t. I woke up fine with no headache and no nausea. It is probably the first time I have woken up and was pissed that I didn’t have a hangover. The test I was going to do was hilarious, so I will try it again this weekend.

I think for only doing 5 tests, having 2 cures is a pretty damn good turnout. Also, not only do I have a cure for everyone for weekends (Hair of the dog), but I have one for the week during those work days (BC Mist). Just because I have some cures for myself doesn’t necessarily mean they will work for you. You will have to try them out and see for yourself. I think The Water Guzzle would be worth trying if you don’t have any more alcohol or any BC powder since I heard it worked for somebody. I do not recommend throwing up to cure a hangover and I sure as hell don’t recommend the Chaser Pills. The Hangover Chronicles are by no means over; this is just a review of the past 5 weeks. See you next week for a ridiculous test.

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5 thoughts on “The Hangover Chronicles – The Review I

  1. Although no hangover chronicle this week, you at least confirmed that bc powder works no matter what…

    Memorial day coming up for the first annual fest at the beach…hope you have plenty of hangover cures!

  2. I will be there. We will all have to try the same one and see if it works for all of us.

  3. I think that weekend we ought to do a special edition of hangover chronicles, perhaps a taped version of pre-hangover and post hangover?

  4. if anyone thinking you made it up they need to catch me at my address, feel free to email me and i will allow you to catch one of my elbows in the face…

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