Daily Basketball – Cheap Fanduel picks for October 31st

Just entered a 50/50 last night and had reasonable success at 263 points.  Last nights games seemed a tad lower scoring with a lot of the higher percentage players taken going lower than expected.  If you went John Wall, he exceeded the expectations that come with his salary..going for over 50 points in Fan Duel.

Here are my cheap picks for October 31st:

Donald Sloan ($4,700): Won’t be as favorable a matchup as his first game where he far exceeded his salary but he starts and Indiana has little else.

Tony Wroten ($6,800): Although this isn’t really cheap and he’ll need to get mid 30’s in fan duel to justify, he has a favorable matchup vs the Bucks so I’d expect him to at least get upper 20’s.

Darren Collison ($5,800): Could get minutes stole from by Sessions but he’s clearly better and had a great 40 point fan duel night to start the season.

Ed Davis ($4,200): His price has rose a few hundred dollars after the first two monster Fan Duel games to start the year.  Watch and see if Ryan Kelly is going to play tonight leading up to the game…if he isn’t, Davis is a must start at the low price tag.

Marcus Morris ($5,600): The Morris brothers get solid minutes and should put up 20-25 fan duel points each time they play.  If Marcus starts tonight, he’s worth the $5,600.

Taj Gibson ($5,800): Until he reaches $7,000 in Fan Duel cost, he’s probably a must play even though he comes off the bench.  Personally, I believe he’s the best player on the Bulls and clearly turned the opening game against the Knicks into the Bulls favor.  He had 35+ in fan duel that night…

Manu Ginobili ($5,600): Probably safe going with him coming off the bench if you want since they don’t have a game tomorrow.  I’m always looking ahead when playing any spurs player as minutes are never guaranteed during regular season.

Please Note: This is strictly who I’m going with personally.  I don’t suggest you using these players without doing some research as well…especially leading up to the game for the latest injury reports.

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