Week 3 Predictions

Here are some quick predictions of each game this week.

Bills 27, Chargers 13: EJ continues solid play and defense gets important turnover to break open game.

Bengals 28, Titans 9: Too much on the road for the Titans.

Ravens 23, Browns 21: Ravens kick late FG

Lions 34, Packers 28: Megatron early and often.

Colts 24, Jaguars 17: Colts too much offense to lose this one.

Patriots 26, Raiders 13: Thaaaa Rayyyyderrrss….lose again.  Bucs and Raiders are clearly worst teams in NFL.

Saints 38, Vikings 6: I see this one getting really ugly.

Giants 17, Texans 13: Giants find a late score to win finally.

Eagles 34, Redskins 21: Skins keep it close through 3, then the better team takes over.

Cowboys 23, Rams 10: Cowboys have way better QB…usually that matters a lot.  Even if it is Romo…

49ers 27, Cardinals 17: I could see Cardinals winning if Palmer plays and plays well…49ers bounce back.

Dolphins 21, Chiefs 20: Late score too much for the Chefs.

Seahawks 34, Broncos 27:  I could see this getting ugly too but I think Broncos play well.

Panthers 18, Steelers 12: Has the makings for a fg shootout…

Bears 24, Jets 14: Bears upset Jets on road.

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