Breaking: Bet Update now includes new punishment

(UnAssociated Press) Fredericksburg, VA – A unfriendly wager between two college friends has turned into a nightmare for a local Fredericksburg man.

Fredericksburg resident Duane Smellian, bet with longtime friend Nick Conninger on this past weekends Atlanta Falcons and Cincinnati Bengals game.  Smellian was required to eat a bag of regular size pretzels if the Falcons lost the game.  Smellian rebuffed the bet earlier this week when witness to the bet, Wilhem Floss, handed down further punishment.

If Smellian fails to complete his end of the bet within the two week window, he will now receive one Mitch Cupcheck and be required to turn over his Facebook Username and Password for one day.  Keep it here for story updates.

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