The Hangover Chronicles: Preemptive Failure PT. II

June 30th, 2009 was the last episode of the Hangover Chronicles and many devout followers have been looking for a spin off of this great series for quite some time.  “Put em Down” Brown’s great series is still being syndicated at but we needed some fresh content.  I suppose you could say this blog effort is kind of like that last season of Chappelle’s show, some funny stuff for sure, but hosted by someone else and just never quite felt right. 


Getting to the destination. I began Saturday with a beer at kickoff of the Syracuse Pittsburgh game and would continue to crush 7 beers by 3pm.  Mostly Bud Selects in the beginning and quite frankly, they went down so easy you might as well called them the Syracuse Defense.  I then began drinking the tall boys at Buffalo Wild Wings, 24 oz Coors Lights on draft.  Finishing up the night at a Tavern with some 12 oz light beers I had reached my destination as slurring was evident and quite possibly I could have been drooling while playing pool.


The Hangover Setting in.  We’ve all been there before, the nasty headache after all day drinking.  The dreaded hangover before you even go to sleep!  A nasty headache usually leads to either throwing up or passing out…luckily I passed out.


The Cure attempt: 2 Aleve. All day relief.  Before passing out, I luckily took some Aleve.  The brand slogan was catchy, but all I was really hoping for is a solid night relief, not the desired all day relief Aleve brags about.


Results.  The results were great, no headache or overwhelming sickness when I woke up.  Considering I drank little water and had no real hangover, I would definitely recommend this cure and will possibly try it again in the near future if I’m ever stupid enough to drink that much again.

Disclaimer: The above solution was done by professionals and should not be attempted at home. We don’t suggest trying anything we do at home.

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