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Playoff Teams 2010-2011 Season

Listening to ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt show they brought up an interesting fact on the NFL playoff teams.  Their show mentioned that 50% of playoff teams from previous years do not qualify for the current NFL season’s playoffs.  Talk about parity in the league, is this good or bad for NFL.  Personally I think this is a good thing for the NFL.  This gives each NFL season a new storyline; we don’t want to fall into the same old thing like baseball and basketball.  So it got me thinking of which teams I thought would fall into this 50% curse.

Playoff Teams from Last Year:


Colts– South            * With Peyton Manning at QB they are locks
Saints– South           * Too much weapons not to be in
Bengals– North         * Wild card this year  
Vikings– North         * Miss playoffs, tough to repeat last year
Chargers– West        *Chargers In
Cardinals– West       * No QB Play
Patriots– East          *Defense ?
Cowboys– East          *Rest of East are a step behind
Jets– Wild Card           *Finish 9-7 miss by 1 game
Packers– Wild Card    * Take North Division
Ravens– Wild Card      * Win AFC North                                    
Eagles– Wild Card       * Will miss McNabb this year

I was able to come up with 5 out of 12 teams missing playoffs, cincy would be the easiest to pick to miss the playoffs due to inconsistent play.  But if i had to pick #6 chargers would be my pick over cincy.  Now I’ll replace those 6 with new teams i feel will be in this year.

Wild Card
Texans- Wild Card-Can challenge Colts, but will grab WC
Falcons- Wild Card- Saints have to  many weapons
Giants- Wild Card- Toss up giants and redskins

Division Champs
Dolphins- East Champs- Marshall will only help running game
49ers- West Champs- Cardinals taking step back
Raiders- West Champs- Call me crazy

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