Haterade Ounce #2

Woke up this am and decided to have me another glass of haterade, today’s haterade is focused on a athlete not a sport.  All NFL fans know who Darelle revis is or “Revis Island” because of his outstanding play last year that earned him all pro, and pro bowl honors.  So far during training camp “Revis Island” has been nothing but a deserted island in the sea of jets.  Revis feels that he has outplayed his current contract that has 3 years left on the deal.  I would say he has outplayed his current rookie deal.   I have no problem players seeking restructured contracts or extensions due to years of consistent play.  But when you have had only one dominant year out of 3,  I got a problem with that.  Show me two consecutive good years and that your not a fluke.  And then we will talk more money.

So I say to any rookies that are drafted in first or second rounds, stay away from any contract that is over 4 years in length.  For one you should have confidence that you will perform to the standard that will get you big  bucks.  First year in the league most rookies are getting their feet wet and produce decent stats.  Their second year is when they should have everything clicking, and by end of 3rd year you are playing at pro bowl level.  After or near the end of that year is when I feel it is appropriate to negotiate for new contract and money.  So stop your complainning about not getting enough $ when your not more than half way through your contract.

So Darelle Revis aka “Revis Island” I am drinking a tall glass of haterade on you.

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