Idiot of the week: 8/9

If we decided to have a section of just flat out Idiots and their ranking, our winner this week would be a 5 star ranking.  The Buffalo Bills win our award this week for another decision that just baffles almost anyone.  Congratulations to the organization who consistently lubes up their fan base and totally screws them over with decision after decision.


Let’s take a look at their profile and why their latest move just adds to a list of growing moves that only the Browns and Raiders can compare.


  1. 10 years of playoff less football in a league based on parity.
  2. Removed an aging Doug Flutie for the Sack prone Rob Johnson.
  3. Consistently choose the wrong coach.  Even had one coach quit because he couldn’t take it.
  4. Last 3 GM’s. 80+ Marv Levy, A PR Guru, and now 70 year old first time GM – Buddy Nix.
  5. Traded away their star left tackle because they didn’t want to pay him.  His replacement they cut before the first game of the season for no apparent reason.  That same preseason, they fired their offensive coordinator before the season even started.
  6. Play a game in Toronto every year. Which negates an important home field advantage.
  7. Despite desperately needing a QB this year, chose to add depth to an already superb position at Running back.
  8. And the reason they are this week’s idiot of the week, the Buffalo Bills have released their two time pro bowl defensive end.  Despite the Bills and their PR staff saying Schobel had wished to retire and move on from football, we now find out that Schobel was tired of playing for the Buffalo Bills and their decade long of losing.  Despite interest in him, the Bills flat out released him instead of trying to trade him for even a low round draft pick.  Way to go!

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One thought on “Idiot of the week: 8/9

  1. i look at it this way, if the saints can win a superbowl. And if the bengals can be come relevant again sure enough the once proud bills can come back. Starts with stud QB, maybe they are trying to get Locker or Luck thisyear

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