Haterade Ounce #1

Haterade  Ounce #1

Most of America knows what haterade is, but for those in La La land (no relation to Melo’s boo).  As defined by urbandicitionary.com  Haterade is a figurative drink a hater may thirst for and share. Generally used when someone hops on the bandwagon to hate on someone or something.  Example: Aiden talking smack about Syracuse basketball and how they can’t shoot their way out of a wet paper bag.  William replies, “Aiden you drinking that haterade today.”

Haterade ounce # 1 brings us to baseball and their lack of instant replay.  I’m hating on baseball today because there have been too many instances this year where instant replay would have benefited.  Case # 1 Detroit Tiger’s Galarraga and his perfect game.  We all have seen the replay’s and god bless that first plate umpire, but that was one of the most important calls in a while.  And just last night in the Marlins game in the bottom of the 9th a ball was hit up the third base line and replays showed it was fair.  But the umpire called it foul, thus not allowing the base runner who would have scored to advance.

Instant Replay will work in baseball as long as they follow NFL blueprint.  Give each manager red flag and they get two challenges per 9 innings.  Break it down so they get 1 per 4 innings, and then comes the 9th inning.  Let upstairs review possible plays, most fans at this point would not care if it took a little longer.  If it means that their team will be given a better chance to win, they would sit an extra 2 minutes for the replay. 

So MLB I’m drinking a nice cold glass of haterade on you.

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