Idiot of the week: 7/26

Who is the idiot of the week this week? Roy Williams of the Dallas Cowboys.  Why? Cause his ass got punked big time by a rookie WR who is all but surely going to send him to the bench.  The high priced Williams tried to make Rookie WR Dez Bryant carry his pads and Bryant wasn’t having it.


"I’m not doing it," Bryant said. "I feel like I was drafted to play football, not carry another player’s pads."


"If I was a free agent, it would still be the same thing. I just feel like I’m here to play football. I’m here to try to help win a championship, not carry someone’s pads. I’m saying that out of no disrespect to [anyone]."


Translation of what Bryant wanted to say: I’m not carrying no punk’s pads, especially a bitch like Roy Williams.



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