What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 26 New NCAA Rules

Boys and girls the Commish is out from his hibernation aka post super bowl blues.  Once super bowl is over life in the football world is pretty much over. 


As many peeps have seen in the news recently college football is starting to take a page out of the NFL aka No Fun League.  They passed a couple new rules that are just ridiculous, the first one can be attributed to one of the most successful and hated man in NCAA history Tebow.  When you see Tebow on the field first thing you always notice is his bible verses written on his eye black, and all the other players throw out there area codes 757,305 or 510.  Really NCAA this is one of your biggest problems with the players?  Don’t you think maybe the BCS or something else would want to be changed first?  But wait they even topped that one, now they will have spot penalties on those who taunt prior to the end zone thus taking away their TD.  This shouldn’t be too much of a problems, because majority of the TD’s are usually within the 20 or with someone trailing the player; but to take away a score because some 20 year old kid wants to have fun now that is ridiculous.  It still is a petty rule that doesn’t need to be addressed.  If the player has broken away for a long run or catch and no one is in sight I say let them high step, flip or dive into the end zone they deserve to celebrate. Heck even the NFL doesn’t take away a score from taunting, sure they will add a 15yrd penalty to kickoff or extra point try.  Come on NCAA don’t you have better things to worry about or make rules for than eye black and celebrations prior to the end zone.

 “Stay Classy, Idrinksport readers”

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5 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 26 New NCAA Rules

  1. it’s just stupid, i don’t mind if they do what the NFL does and just add 15yrd penalty but to do spot foul is a little too far

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