What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 25 NBA All Star

As a young chap growing up in the rough streets of Waynesboro, & Winchester, VA I remember getting excited about the NBA All-Star weekend.  You had all the big name superstars showing off their talents.  There was Bird, Reggie miller, and mark price in the 3-point shoot out.  Then the mack daddy of them all, the dunk contest, Dominique, Jordan, Kobe, Vince, and the list goes on.  And then the actual game wasn’t that bad either, you had players who actually took the game serious and had good competition.  Oh how the recent all star weekend has gone so bland, and unentertaining.


With all due respect to the stars of today, the weekend just isn’t as big as it used to be.  It is just not star catching or entertaining.  So NBA players, don’t get upset, I did say with all due respect as the great Ricky Bobby says. Does that mean I get to say whatever I want?  According to Ricky Bobby it “sure as heck does”. Maybe that’s why Pac man decided to spice it up and make it rain at a strip club.  I’d rather tune in and watch UCONN women’s basketball than see Nate Robinson vs. Shannon Brown; honestly that’s the best players we got who actually want to compete?  It mainly comes down to the superstars not taking the weekend seriously; just look at the all star game.  No one plays defense, or should I say at least tries to play defense.  I don’t want a 65 to 54 game, but try and make it look like you care.  I love what Shaq had to say today about calling out Vince, Kobe, and lebron lets do something good with this weekend and put it towards charity.  The big names need to stop being wimps, i.e. Lebron don’t say you want to do something and then do a 360.  Please NBA no more Nate Robinson, birdman, or hakim Warrick (had to throw that in for Howes, know it’ll get a rise out of him).  Let’s bring back the fans, and look to add those who aren’t fans.   You definitely need it after the recent persona that players get now from the arenas situation.

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2 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 25 NBA All Star

  1. I’ll watch it if nothing else is on. I don’t want to see 30+ has been dunkers trying to relive the glory days.

    As for the Warrick reference, go to hell lol

  2. i agree on kobe and vince they might pull a groin…but no reason bron, wade, or any other under 27 superstar compete

    haha thought u would like warrick reference..honestly you have to know he is no all star dunker..he can throw down just nothing crazy

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