What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 24 Transfer Rule

Those who are gifted enough to play collegiate sport know all too well of the coaching carousel that is in today’s sports.   Here you get coaches showing up at your door step promising you of playing time and being coached by them for your collegiate career.   So you pick your university or college based on the coach and coaching style, and think to yourself this is going to be awesome.  And then before you start going to school you hear in the news….This  Just In…..Lane Kiffin is now the Head Coach of USC or Pete Carroll is now the Seattle Seahawks Head Coach.


But here is where the NCAA chaps the Commish; they allow the coaches to leave without being punished.  Why not let the recruits (those not enrolled in school) transfer to another school? Don’t kid yourself NCAA if you believe kids pick the university based on the actual school; majority of it is based on the coach of the athletic sport they play. There is only a select few coaches who stay at their universities for a long time.  Let those kids who haven’t played or enrolled in school given the chance to go somewhere else.  You make plenty money off of them playing sport why make them suffer at a school they don’t want to continue to be at. Personally a coach leaving doesn’t get to me like those poor chaps at Tennessee.  Personally I don’t’ like the state because every time I drove the bronco home to ATL from RU it would break down because of traffic. But honestly you get that upset you decide to start a riot at your own university very smart. Sure I was mad when Brian Kelly decided he would leave prior to the bowl game, but you know what I got over it in about 10 seconds.  There will always be another coach maybe even a better coach 

Here is list of few coaches I thought will retire at current school:

Penn St- Joe Paterno
Ohio St- Jim Tressel
Texas- Mack Brown
Va Tech- Frank Beamer

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  1. I agree, something should be changed about the rules applying for only students. Why not have coaches be forced to sit out a year if they are under contract?

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