What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol 21 Buying a World Series

Since the Yankees won their 27th World Series in their historic history, a lot of pub has been made about them buying world series championships.  I am no way a Yankee homer, but as George says “No one gives us the finger.We’re Yankees!”  And this is the motto that most yankee fans believe, they are die hard fans who will do anything for their team.  You hear a lot of other teams say that their fans are die hard, and this and that but yankees fans take it to the next level.  They sellout every game, purchase ridiculously amount of merchandise, and bleed for the pin stripers.   

The fans are the reason for why the yankees are able to do what they want when it comes to signing players.  It is because their fans help by believing in the product.  And if you ask any fans of their teams they wish they could sign the big name players and be able to compete year in and year out for a championship.  I for one would love that opportunity for my lonely Reds.  I know a lot of it comes down to the owner and they type of figures they have in their bank account.  If that’s the case why not go after them to be your owner.    The owner is one argument you hear about, and the other one is that there is more people in New York than any other teams.  But why aren’t the angels winning more, why aren’t the cubs winning more.  It doesn’t have to do solely on the population of the city as it does revenue, yankees generate the most revenue among the MLB franchises.  Add that to a smart GM, and a owner willing to do what it takes to win that is the reason why most years they are the favorites.  I would be more willing to purchase merchandise attend games, if my owner did what the yankeesdo.  So that hatred you talk about with yankees buying world series sure does sound a lot like jealousy.  Another thing that chaps me is when the BoSox fans complain about the yankees spending all this money, how can you complain about that when your team is in the top 4 spending also?

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4 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol 21 Buying a World Series

  1. I agree Commish. It is legal to spend whatever you want to buy whoever you want. Don’t complain that the team spends too much money, complain to the MLB to get a cap put on if you are going to bitch. It is their right under the rules of the MLB to do what they do, either complain to the MLB to get a cap, or complain to your team’s owner to cough up some loot cakes. If I was the owner of a team and had more money than God I would do the same thing, buy the best players in the world to play for me. They do get a lot of revenue from people who don’t even know the players on the team, but own Yankees hats because its the cool thing to do.

  2. i would like to see a cap, thus giving everyone a fair chance at geting players, just hope players union agrees to this. Because if there is a cap mean players are goign to have a hard time getting teams to pay top dollars like the yankees arenow

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