What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 19 CBS/FOX

Regional Broadcasting is probably the biggest beef NFL fans have when it comes to games on regular television.  But if you have been a fan long enough you’ve gotten over the fact that you’ll get some crappy games every now and then (ex. Skins vs. Bucs).  But that’s not my biggest gripe with CBS or Fox, this is what is…………..
When games become blowouts and stations do not switch over to another game.   This past weekend CBS had the Titans and Jaguars for their 1pm broadcast.  First problem is why would you even put that game on TV a 0-3 team vs. a 1-2 team??? I understand regional broadcasting so I got over that part; it is when the game got 30-10 with a few minutes left in the 3rdquarter.  It was looking doubtful that the titans were going to pull off a New York Jets comeback ala Vinny Testaverde.  Why in the name of sports would you not switch to another game that was competitiveve?  I knew they weren’t going to switch to Bengals vs. Browns even though it was coming down to the wire.  I would have been okay with Ravens vs. Patriots or any other game that was close.  To rub it in more, after the jaguars game had ended did they switch to another game or the Bengals game that was in OT? NO!!! They kept talking about the games that had already ended, and kept talking about what was going on in the overtime game.  Just ticking me off and making me want to throw my remote through my TV.   I am sure CBS and NFL have some deal or something that doesn’t allow them to switch games or do look ins for longer than 5 seconds.

Come one CBS/FOX help us out when there are blowouts or crappy games and switch them to another game.

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5 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 19 CBS/FOX

  1. Direct TV Sunday Ticket, i know that chaps you too so it looks like you need to head to your local watering hole and get ya drank on.

  2. yeah that def chaps, and regional broadcasting chapped me again today as they put the raiders vs giants…but none the less the bengals took care of business

  3. Comcast gave me the NFL channel but that sucks too. It’s not like the MLB network when they show live look ins and go to the game if someone is going to score. The NFL just shows stats and nothing else. Hopefully this RedZone is good. And if the Falcons play on Sunday good luck watching a double header. Seems like the channel blocks the game before or after the Falcons so there is no watching another game.

  4. i just want CBS or Fox to have the oppurtunity to switch games if the game is a blowout, or put best game on TV. Why put the raiders vs. giants on, everyone knew it wasn’t gonna be close.

  5. Hey man i feel ya, being force fed the Skins on fox and the Pats, Jets, Ravens on CBS is cruel and unusual punishment, but do what I did man and buy…SUNDAY TICKET!! It is the greatest thing to happen to man since the woman!! Haven’t missed a snap of a Broncos game in 3 years

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