What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 18 The “Ocho”

funnyVolume 18 of what’s chapping the commish hits home with his Bengals.  Past couple years Chad Ochocinco aka Chad Johnson has gotten a lot of flack about his game.  Critics keep saying he is a prima donna, only cares about himself, doesn’t care about winning, and is a nuisance to the team.  What is so wrong with someone actually caring about what he does and takes joy in his profession? 

The Ocho has done nothing derogatory to his team; he doesn’t call out his teammates or throw them under the bus.  Sure he had that episode prior to last season about wanting to be traded.  But can you seriously blame him, here is a man who all he wants to do is make the playoffs and win a super bowl; and is just tired of losing.  Although he probably should have handled the situation last year a little differently, he is passionate about football.   And go ahead say oh he should be used to it being on the Bengals.  Ocho calling out players, or planning celebrations isn’t all about himself (doesn’t mean most of it isn’t about himself), he wants to compete against the best and prove that he is an elite player.   Wouldn’t you want your players wanting to celebrate in the end zone? Doesn’t that mean they want to score and give their team a chance to win?  Or would you rather them celebrate after a catch or first down.   Don’t go grouping Ocho in the same group as a TO, a Moss, a Brandon Marshall, or any of the other receivers who cause riffs in teams or off field problems.  Chad just likes to have fun while he plays, and to say he doesn’t care about his team or winning.  Look at these stats the past 8 seasons, and try to tell me he doesn’t care about winning or his team.

Top 6 Receivers in terms of yards & TD’s:

  1. Tory Holt*         10,210 yrds  62 TD’s (7 Pro Bowls, 2 x All-Pro)
  2. Terrell Owens*  9,364 yrds  96 TD’s (6 Pro Bowls, 4 x All-Pro)
  3. Chad Ochocinco* 9,085 yrds  54 TD’s (5 Pro Bowls, 3 x All-Pro)
  4. Randy Moss*    9,038 yrds  92 TD’s (6 Pro Bowls, 4 x All-Pro)
  5. Reggie Wayne*  8,328 yrds  54 TD’s (2 Pro Bowls. 1 x All-Pro)
  6. Hines Ward*   8,224 yrds  61 TD’s (4 Pro Bowls, 3 x All-Pro)
  7. Steve Smith*   7,500 yrds  45 TD’s (4 Pro Bowls,  2 x All-Pro)

*All stats are from 2003 to 2008 seasons

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9 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 18 The “Ocho”

  1. Unfortunately for non bengals fans, he really is just like those other receivers you named that he wasn’t like.

    Last offseason he was demanding trades and saying he wasn’t going to show up…he ended up showing up and having a horrible season. He has been fined numerous times for his antics in the end zone along with being flagged in the past which has hurt his team.

    The guy wants to stand out and it really is all about him. If he wanted it to be about the team he wouldnt be on twitter or doing the end zone dances.

    I’m not hating on him but he clearly is a jackass just as much as any other of the diva wr’s. He may care about winning but I guarantee you if he had 3 tds in a game and they lost, he wouldn’t be all that upset.

  2. I am going to agree with Howes here even if I am a Steelers fan. His endzone antics and off the field antics have nothing to do with winning or wanting to win. If anything they distract him and the team from their goal of winning. He goes out of his way to do something stupid when he scores. Yes he is having fun and he should have fun, but having fun when playing sports is for T-Ball and flag football.

    No fans care if he is having fun, they want their team to win. Yes he has put up good numbers in his career and yes he is a good WR, but to say his main goal is to win is a little off. He cries when he doesn’t get enough touches. The only WR I have seen go from being like that to a legit stand up professional is Randy Moss.

  3. last year he had a torn labrum in his shoulder, and had fitzpatrick throwing him the football(fitz can’t throw it past 6yrds) there was a lot of factors going into last year for him.

    my main point is that he is a good teammate, doesn’t throw teammates under the bus or cause riffs in the locker room. sure he likes to hear himself talk or celebrate but he’s loyal

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