What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 17 “Fanatics”

This volume of What’s chapping is the most disturbing for pro athletes.  The past couple years we have seen fans cross that line of being a fan.  There has been multiple reports of fans vandalizing athletes homes or robbing homes of athletes.  This trend needs to be stopped or something fatal will happen.

Fans got to realize there is a fine line that you can’t cross in society, and putting ones life at risk is way beyond that line.  Last year we got a first hand look how “fans aka fanatics” crossed the line.  After a hard fought game between the cardinals and eagles a couple knuckle heads decided it would be a good idea to vandalize Donovan McNabb’s home.  Two cardinal fans burned the score of the game into McNabb’s yard, the scary thing is that his children were still inside his house.   The fire could have spread and threatened his family’s safety.  I don’t care how much you got against someone, there is no reason to take it to that level.

Then this year we had fans of the same team take it to that level.  Leodis McKelvin got his yard vandalized by a couple of his own fans.  Couple young hooligans with nothing better to do than disrespect someones property.  I would classify myself as a fanatic of the bengals, I have a whole room dedicated to them.  When they win it adds a bit of pep in my step, and if they lose which seems more than they win it puts a damper on my day.  But that’s just it, i don’t think about going that extra step and doing something that involves ruining someone else’s property.  It’s just a game it doesn’t effect your everyday 9-5 job or make you earn less money, IT’S JUST A GAME!!! If we keep seeing this trend happen it’s only going to push them away from taking the time to meet us.  If they feel threaten they might take the necessary steps to ensure their safety, and worse things can happen to those who threaten.

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