What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 16 NFL Prime Time Games

Volume 16 of What’s Chapping the Commish has to deal with the start time of NFL’s prime time games. The start time of the NFL for sunday and monday night games need to be pushed forward some.  I don’t know the statistics from when people start watching to when the game finishes, barring a complete blowout.  But the start time of 8:30 is just too late, by the time the game ends it’s closer to 1130 1145pm.

During college it wasn’t a problem because you didn’t need as much rest for the following day.  Most of the classes just required you showing up to get credit, and you could afford to slack.  But now that I am a 8-5 working man staying up past 1030 isn’t part of my plan anymore.  With having a full-time job you are required to be ready to work by the time you get in at 8am.

 Working a full 9 hr day you are only given 1 chance for a break, as compared to college where your whole day is basically a break.  The only way to get me to stay up past 10-1030 on a Monday or Sunday night is to have the Bengals on TV.  And looking at the schedule this year, we are not on there at all.  So I propose this to the NFL, start the MNF or SNF at 7 or 715, thus giving you a better chance of adding viewers, and sustaining them through out the entire broadcast.  You can add another broadcast at 10pm, for those west coast teams.  Subtract a preseason game, and add a MNF or SNF to each team.

I know most of the working class would agree with my proposal.


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3 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 16 NFL Prime Time Games

  1. I agree with you, I work 5 am to 5 pm so the alarm buzzes at 3:30 am. I only get to watch teh 1st half if I’m lucky!

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