What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 15 NFL Sunday Ticket

As a diehard fan of the Cincinnati Bengals it is tough to  watch their games every weekend.  If they are not on TV, I have to travel to a bar to watch them.  At times its not a problem, but it can be expensive over a course of a season.   Most people when they go to a bar need 2 things, food and beer.  Figure you have a couple beers plus wings, you are already 20 dollars in the hole.  Add that up over a season if you watch at least half the games, it will add up to close to $200.00.  And with today’s economy we need to be smart with our spending.  I’d rather spend time watching the games at my house, then at a smoke filled bar with bunch of fans screaming at a different game.

But in order to get gameday ticket you will need to get satellite service.   Most people don’t like the appearance of a satellite on their house.  Or don’t want to give up picture quality when bad weather happens.   But there lies the problem for most americans.   NFL is losing out on a lot of money for those who have cable, I don’t know the exact numbers but I can only think that more people would have cable.  I know they have a deal with direct tv, but offer a plan for those with cable.   Research shows that sunday ticket this year is $269, if you break it down by each week, your looking at $16 each week.  Why not offer it to the cable customers, and charge them flat 20 dollars per week.  I would sign up for the plan, because not every week i feel like going to a bar to watch my team play.  Majority of fans want to watch their team every week, but are not able to due to regional broadcasting or cost of eating at a bar.

Come on NFL help us cable folks out

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6 thoughts on “What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 15 NFL Sunday Ticket

  1. It’s for those out there that dont’ have dish or can’t afford to bar hop every sunday. It gets expensive, because you not going to the bar to drink water and have chips and salsa.

  2. It’s not just “Dish”, it’s a Direct TV only deal.

    I guess technically if cable companies wanted to group together and throw up a monster deal to the NFL, they two could get the Sunday ticket the next time Sunday Ticket’s deal is up. Don’t hold your breath.

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