Idrinksport Fantasy League Wrap Up Week 3’s Official Fantasy League

Week 3

lvlaintown (3-0) 87.42 vs. Steel Breeze (2-1)60.35
This battle of unbeatens had all the makings of a last second Robbie Gould FG.  But unlike the packers lvlaintown avoided penalties and had a big day from Rodgers, Marshall and Desean Jackson.  Steel Breeze couldn’t overcome Palmer’s mistakes and fell from the list of unbeatens.

Va Beach Orange (0-3) 80.57 vs. ATL S.B. Bound (1-2)102.27
This epic battle of the cellar dwellers featured 2 of the leagues rebuilding teams.  ATL S.B.Bound came out guns  blazing as its killer B’s Brady, Boldin, and Benson racked up fantasy points.  Va Beach Orange tried to come back late, but the duo of Keller and Moss weren’t enough.

Beazy (2-1) 83.05 vs. UC Bearcats (1-2) 69.34
Matchup between family should be about sportsmanship and love.  But this was far from it as punches were thrown, kicks to the shins, and even name calling was brought out for this event.  But in the end Beazy’s duo of Rivers to Floyd was too much for the injury plagued UC Bearcats.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (2-1) 93.14 vs. Swissy (1-2) 59.16
Battling for playoff seeding is a little early in the season but this matchup has the all important win and you’re in feel to it, these middle of the pack teams battled a tough 2 ½ quarters before goOOGoOGoNzo n 10 pulled away in the 2nd half behind the arm of Flacco and quick burst of Chris Johnson.

America’s Team (1-2) 90.30 vs. Endzone Boyz (1-2) 57.09
America’s Team rode the coat tails of Drew Brees perfect spirals, and the “Pretty Fly” for a white guy Austin Collie’s hands.  Endzone Boyz had a hard time finding the endzone (insert pun) as Schaub and Steven Jackson struggled in their respective matchups.

Batman & Robin (2-1) 76.73 vs. Number Juan (1-2) 107.23
In the battle of the opposite sides of the standings Number Juan pulled off the upset of the weekend as his falcons duo of Ryan and Turner proved to be too much as Batman & Robin struggled to put up points besides Peterson’s career Day.

NFL Week 3 Chat

Another week, another chat…

Check out all of Sunday’s games mapped here – Link

NFL Week 2 Chat and Preview

As we look forward to week 2, here are the story lines we will be following.

  1. Can the Texans keep up their running pace vs the Redskins Defense?  Will McNabb improve on his week 1 poor performance?
  2. The Dolphins head to Minnesota to play Favre and the Vikes.  The Dolphins have to run the clock to have a chance in this one.
  3. Bengals need to maintain the run game if they want to be able to take advantage of the depleted Ravens secondary.
  4. Must win for Dallas as they host Chi-Town.  If Cutler doesn’t turn it over look for the Bears offense to keep it close.
  5. The Titans face the Steelers in Nashville, look for the Titans to spread the Steelers defense and get Chris Johnson some space.  I like the Titans by 14 in this one.
  6. The Jets host the Patriots.  I don’t see any possible way the Jets win this.  Pats should win by more than 10.
  7. The Manning Bowl could be a good one if the Giants Passing game is up to task.  Colts need to put the pressure on Eli, and I think they will. Colts 34 Giants 21.
  8. 49ers pull off the upset Monday Night over the Saints as Jerry Rice is honored in San Fran.

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NFL Week 1 Cover it live Chat

Every week we do a Cover it Live Chat during all the games.  Join us here at this post, or or the page.


We will start around Noon on Sunday.  Most of us watch different games so we can all keep up on who is doing what in Fantasy and how teams are looking.

Idrinksport Fantasy League Week 1

ATL S.B Bound travels to Batman and Robin for what should be a blowout according to most fantasy experts. If ATL wants any chance to win, he has to hope Tom Brady stays out of early morning accidents and keeps his arm connecting with Wes Welker. Batman and Robin is homo for Romo this year. Look for Adrian Peterson and Beanie Wells to carry the load this week.

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Playoff Teams

Playoff Teams 2010-2011 Season

Listening to ESPN Radio’s Scott Van Pelt show they brought up an interesting fact on the NFL playoff teams.  Their show mentioned that 50% of playoff teams from previous years do not qualify for the current NFL season’s playoffs.  Talk about parity in the league, is this good or bad for NFL.  Personally I think this is a good thing for the NFL.  This gives each NFL season a new storyline; we don’t want to fall into the same old thing like baseball and basketball.  So it got me thinking of which teams I thought would fall into this 50% curse.

Playoff Teams from Last Year:


Colts– South            * With Peyton Manning at QB they are locks
Saints– South           * Too much weapons not to be in
Bengals– North         * Wild card this year  
Vikings– North         * Miss playoffs, tough to repeat last year
Chargers– West        *Chargers In
Cardinals– West       * No QB Play
Patriots– East          *Defense ?
Cowboys– East          *Rest of East are a step behind
Jets– Wild Card           *Finish 9-7 miss by 1 game
Packers– Wild Card    * Take North Division
Ravens– Wild Card      * Win AFC North                                    
Eagles– Wild Card       * Will miss McNabb this year

I was able to come up with 5 out of 12 teams missing playoffs, cincy would be the easiest to pick to miss the playoffs due to inconsistent play.  But if i had to pick #6 chargers would be my pick over cincy.  Now I’ll replace those 6 with new teams i feel will be in this year.

Wild Card
Texans- Wild Card-Can challenge Colts, but will grab WC
Falcons- Wild Card- Saints have to  many weapons
Giants- Wild Card- Toss up giants and redskins

Division Champs
Dolphins- East Champs- Marshall will only help running game
49ers- West Champs- Cardinals taking step back
Raiders- West Champs- Call me crazy