Idiot of the week: 8/16

If your arm and hand were worth 29 million over two years, would getting into a fight even cross your mind?  Even if you know that if anything goes wrong and it’s your fault, the employer will try to get back their money any way possible?


Well Congratulations Francisco Rodriguez for winning our idiot of the week award.


Rodriguez is accused of grabbing 53-year-old Carlos Pena, hauling him into a tunnel near the family lounge beneath Citi Field and hitting him in the face. Pena was taken to a hospital with a scrape and swelling above his eyebrow.


From Yahoo Sports;_ylt=Ap2n.6TPg7a3tOWFVxslRy45nYcB?slug=ap-mets-rodriguez

Haterade Ounce #2

Woke up this am and decided to have me another glass of haterade, today’s haterade is focused on a athlete not a sport.  All NFL fans know who Darelle revis is or “Revis Island” because of his outstanding play last year that earned him all pro, and pro bowl honors.  So far during training camp “Revis Island” has been nothing but a deserted island in the sea of jets.  Revis feels that he has outplayed his current contract that has 3 years left on the deal.  I would say he has outplayed his current rookie deal.   I have no problem players seeking restructured contracts or extensions due to years of consistent play.  But when you have had only one dominant year out of 3,  I got a problem with that.  Show me two consecutive good years and that your not a fluke.  And then we will talk more money.

So I say to any rookies that are drafted in first or second rounds, stay away from any contract that is over 4 years in length.  For one you should have confidence that you will perform to the standard that will get you big  bucks.  First year in the league most rookies are getting their feet wet and produce decent stats.  Their second year is when they should have everything clicking, and by end of 3rd year you are playing at pro bowl level.  After or near the end of that year is when I feel it is appropriate to negotiate for new contract and money.  So stop your complainning about not getting enough $ when your not more than half way through your contract.

So Darelle Revis aka “Revis Island” I am drinking a tall glass of haterade on you.

People you should follow on Twitter

We have compiled a list of people on twitter who we believe you should follow.  Here is a list of the people and the reason they’re worth following.  If you have any suggestions, feel free to comment or tweet us @idrinksport (


  1. @ProFootballTalk – Possibly the Greatest football blog/news site on the web. Real time updates for all things NFL –
  2. @BeerConnoisseur – Publishes a great magazine and consistently tweets festivals and events related to beer happenings.
  3. @BarleyDine – Great Blogger who consistently gives those who wish to try different food and beer pairings ideas.
  4. @Adam_Schefter – Although if you follow him, you will quickly realize this guy eats, sleeps, drinks and probably has sex with football…the guy is on top of his game with news and updates.
  5. @EricStangel – None of his tweets can be taken seriously.  The head writer for the Letterman show tweets about sports non stop and constantly has you laughing.
  6. @KFUCKINGP – Kenny Powers of East Bound and Down (HBO series).  If you’ve seen the show, follow him.  If you haven’t seen the show, watch it..then follow him.
  7. @OGOchoCinco – OchoCinco…This was obvious. 
  8. @briankelly_ – Self proclaimed Sports Geek.  Stumbled onto this account and the guy rarely disappoints.  Outside of a foursquare checkin or two.
  9. @ESPN_Michelle – For 1, She’s hot. For 2, she knows sports. For 3, She’s hot?
  10. @ESPN – Nuff said.


I’m sure we’re missing a ton, so feel free to drop us some love, hate or who we should follow via the comments or @idrinksport on twitter.

Idiot of the week: 8/9

If we decided to have a section of just flat out Idiots and their ranking, our winner this week would be a 5 star ranking.  The Buffalo Bills win our award this week for another decision that just baffles almost anyone.  Congratulations to the organization who consistently lubes up their fan base and totally screws them over with decision after decision.


Let’s take a look at their profile and why their latest move just adds to a list of growing moves that only the Browns and Raiders can compare.


  1. 10 years of playoff less football in a league based on parity.
  2. Removed an aging Doug Flutie for the Sack prone Rob Johnson.
  3. Consistently choose the wrong coach.  Even had one coach quit because he couldn’t take it.
  4. Last 3 GM’s. 80+ Marv Levy, A PR Guru, and now 70 year old first time GM – Buddy Nix.
  5. Traded away their star left tackle because they didn’t want to pay him.  His replacement they cut before the first game of the season for no apparent reason.  That same preseason, they fired their offensive coordinator before the season even started.
  6. Play a game in Toronto every year. Which negates an important home field advantage.
  7. Despite desperately needing a QB this year, chose to add depth to an already superb position at Running back.
  8. And the reason they are this week’s idiot of the week, the Buffalo Bills have released their two time pro bowl defensive end.  Despite the Bills and their PR staff saying Schobel had wished to retire and move on from football, we now find out that Schobel was tired of playing for the Buffalo Bills and their decade long of losing.  Despite interest in him, the Bills flat out released him instead of trying to trade him for even a low round draft pick.  Way to go!

Haterade Ounce #1

Haterade  Ounce #1

Most of America knows what haterade is, but for those in La La land (no relation to Melo’s boo).  As defined by  Haterade is a figurative drink a hater may thirst for and share. Generally used when someone hops on the bandwagon to hate on someone or something.  Example: Aiden talking smack about Syracuse basketball and how they can’t shoot their way out of a wet paper bag.  William replies, “Aiden you drinking that haterade today.”

Haterade ounce # 1 brings us to baseball and their lack of instant replay.  I’m hating on baseball today because there have been too many instances this year where instant replay would have benefited.  Case # 1 Detroit Tiger’s Galarraga and his perfect game.  We all have seen the replay’s and god bless that first plate umpire, but that was one of the most important calls in a while.  And just last night in the Marlins game in the bottom of the 9th a ball was hit up the third base line and replays showed it was fair.  But the umpire called it foul, thus not allowing the base runner who would have scored to advance.

Instant Replay will work in baseball as long as they follow NFL blueprint.  Give each manager red flag and they get two challenges per 9 innings.  Break it down so they get 1 per 4 innings, and then comes the 9th inning.  Let upstairs review possible plays, most fans at this point would not care if it took a little longer.  If it means that their team will be given a better chance to win, they would sit an extra 2 minutes for the replay. 

So MLB I’m drinking a nice cold glass of haterade on you.

Idiot of the week: 8/2

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses a reliever” – Yahoo Sports.

Congratulations to Grant Balfour and Jim Hickey for being our idiots of the week.  After the two rough housed before batting practice this past Friday, Balfour was placed on the DL and will miss 4-6 weeks with an injured side.


For more on this story, head over to Yahoo Sports