Idiot of the week: 6/28

Virginia Beach, VA – (UnAssociated to the Press) A shooting outside a Virginia Beach Night Club has brought the Bad Michael Vick Stigma into the air again.  A co-defendant of Michael Vick was shot shortly after a Birthday Party for Vick at the Night Club.  Coincidence or is Vick partially to blame?  Probably both.


Congratulations to Michael Vick and his brother Marcus Vick for being our idiots of the week for 6/28.


I’ve been a backer of Michael throughout this entire process, until now.  The fact that he’s allowing his brother to promote a Birthday party openly on the web tells me he doesn’t get it.  Vick continues to put himself in situations where he is surrounded by the wrong people, and that includes his brother.  I’m not blaming Vick or his brother for the Shooting. I do however find it odd that a year after being released from Jail, a  Convicted Felon on probation would openly throw a party at a club for his birthday and not expect something to possibly happen.


If you don’t get it now, you never will.


ProFootballTalk echoes the same statement:

Idiot of the week: 6/21

Congratulations to the World Cup Ref Koman Coulibaly for winning our idiot of the week for 6/21.


During a World Cup match between the United States and Slovenia, Coulibaly disallowed a goal that would have put the United States up 3-2 with about 5 minutes of play left.  Replays clearly showed no foul or off side. 


Landon Donovan on the situation

On referee Koman Coulibaly, he added: "It was the guy’s first World Cup game, so maybe he got a little caught up in the moment, but you can’t take a perfectly good goal from a team, especially at a World Cup.


"When we asked him several times, in a non-confrontational manner, why he made that call, he just ignored us. Maybe he didn’t understand us since I don’t know how much English he speaks.



For more on this story –

Idiot of the week: 6/14

A few facts to start this Idiot of the week Article.

  • One of the most treasured trophies in all of sports  is the Stanley Cup. 
  • 1961 was the last time the Chicago Blackhawks Blawkhawks won a Stanley Cup before this year.


Congratulations to a Macy’s in Chicago for being our idiot of the week for the following attempt.



Thanks to Katherine of Chicago(flickr) for catching this one..