Beasley and Russell = same story?

We’ve seen these stories before.  Ryan Leaf and Kwame Brown both had the world at their finger tips before their Professional Drafts.  After each of their buzz wore off, we found that their talent was just bloated hype.  The world didn’t stop for them like they thought it would, and now both are infamous for all the wrong reasons.


This week we hear that JaMarcus Russell is reportedly on his way out of Oakland.  Russell, a former first pick with possibly the strongest arm in the NFL, now finds himself competing with Ryan Leaf for possibly the worst Draft Pick in the history of the NFL.  Although it may be too soon to say it’s over for Russell, the writing is clearly on the wall and he has only himself to blame.


Let this be an early warning to Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat.  Your hype and past success will only take you so far in today’s sports.  Beasley comes across as lazy and seems to lack a basic Basketball IQ at times.  Is he Kwame Brown? No, but two years into his career he has had off the field issues which includes a rehab trip before the age of 21.  Let’s hope he turns his life and basketball career into something more than just a story of “what if…”

McNabb & Favre

There is a lot of hoopla over the Donovan McNabb trade from the eagles to the redskins.  I’m here to try and offer a nonpartisan view, for one i dislike both teams.

    As some eagles fans threaten to sell their season tickets or burn their eagles’ memorabilia I say wait step back and breathe.  Take a stroll with me in our back to the future delorean as we visit the packers 3 seasons ago.  Here the packers had a hall of fame QB in Brett Favre, who was flip flopping in his decision to come back or retire.  Packers either tired of his antics or ready to move on decided we’ll beat you to the punch and trade you to the Jets.  And have our future QB start and get his feet wet, knowing that they will go through some growing pains. In the end it has turned out great for the Packers, as they got a couple extra picks and their back up QB is a pro bowl caliber quarterback.

     Grant it McNabb situation isn’t exactly the same but it’s comparable, McNabb has played his entire career for the eagles taking them to x amount of NFC championships and to one super bowl.  Maybe eagles felt this is all that McNabb could do for them, and with him on his last year of his contract didn’t feel it was in their best interest to sign him to a long term deal.  Why let him walk after this year and be a free agent and get nothing in return.  So the eagles took the bull by the horns and traded him to the skins for the best option they could get.

     I certainly do not think this was their best option, especially trading within the division to one of their rivals.  But if they felt the time is now for Kolb why have him sit and wait.