Friday Update

  1. If you haven’t seen the Olympic celebration of a Canadian smoking a cigar and drinking a beer…head over to the YAHOO photo gallery and take a look.
  2. Syracuse hosts Villanova tomorrow night at 9pm on ESPN.  A must see sporting event this weekend to go along with the Gold Medal Hockey game on Sunday. 
  3. If you haven’t been paying attention to the Hot links section on our main page, go take a look and check out the Paris Hilton Video.  I’m not a huge fan of hers but that video is making me reconsider…
  4. The Beta Version of the Sports Event Map continues to get updated.  Last night Version 0.5 was released, which includes Baseball information for the 2010 Regular Season.
  5. Thanks to our boy Maintown for this link… Vince Carter throwing down a 86 foot shot from his ass.

Idiot of the week: 2/22

This past weekend Scotty Lago decided to one up Mr. Phelps and his bong by posing for what seemed to be innocent but nonetheless racy photos with his Bronze Medal.  Although I think the photos are funny and shouldn’t get the guy in trouble, it doesn’t stop us from slapping him with the greatest honor we can give someone…


Congratulations to Scotty Lago for being’s idiot of the week.


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10 Midweek thoughts: Valentines Edition

As we approach the weekend, we find ourselves with a horrible situation. The Daytona 500, NBA All star game, Olympics and College Basketball are all on Sunday.  With Sunday being Valentines Day you probably are wondering how you are going to be able to watch even one of those events and still have a shot to get a little late night loving…


Do we have solutions for you? Hell No…But here are 10 thoughts.

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Idiot of the week: 2/8

Are you still looking for possible gift ideas for your girl friend/wife this Valentines day? If so, may I suggest something from the Warren Sapp line of gifts?  A nice choke hold is a great gift for that significant other who never seems to be thankful for all that you do.  If you’re looking for a gift with a lasting impression and that leaves the receiver gasping for more, the Choke Hold by Warren Sapp is sure to feel your need.


Obviously the above is a joke, but Warren Sapp winning our idiot of the week award, is no joke. Congrats Warren.


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