New Years Football

As we head into the night and move onto 2010, let’s hope we continue to have a great year of football.  Some intriguing matchups in College Football and the NFL this coming weekend.


Here’s your must see schedule for tonight and tomorrow.


7:30 Tonight – ESPNHD Virginia Tech vs Tennessee (CFB)



1pm Florida State vs Penn State (CBSHD) (CFB)

1pm Boston Bruins vs Philadelphia Plyers (Outdoors on NBCHD)(NHL)

2:30 WVA at Purdue (ESPNHD) (CBB)

5pm Oregon vs Ohio State (ABCHD) (CFB)

8pm Florida vs Cincinnati (ABCHD) (CFB)

NFL Chat Week 16 Cover it live

As the Holidays roll on we find ourselves at week 16 of the NFL season.  Here are the storylines as we head into our cover it live chat.


  1. Albert Haynesworth is sent home from practice.
  2. Brett Favre and Childress battle for control.  They better get this worked out quick. 
  3. Mike Vick winning a courage award this week?  That’s a spit in the face of Ed Block.
  4. Various sources saying Polamalu will miss another week.  Can the Ravens seal the Steelers fate?
  5. Can the Broncos stop their slide vs the Eagles?

What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol 22. CFB Reg Season vs. CBB Reg Season

I know what you are thinking, this isn’t even a debate.  It’s college football all the way, and I don’t discredit that at all.  The Commish is all for anything football except the UFL, that’s like watching the Raiders vs. Browns.  But the question isn’t which one is better it’s about taking what works from one and combining them to make a super baby ala Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen.
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NFL week 15 Storylines

It was a huge victory last night for the Cowboys as they took down the previously undefeated Saints.  Last nights victory comes on the heels of a great Thursday Night Battle between the Jaguars and Colts.  The Colts won that game and remained undefeated at 14-0.


Some of the other major storylines heading into Sunday’s normal slate of games:

  • Chris Henry’s untimely passing has the Bengals reeling as they head into Sundays crucial AFC matchup with the Chargers.
  • Vinny Cerrato “resigned” this week and has moved on from being the Redskins main decision maker.  Not really newsworthy when everyone knows it’s going to happen.
  • Randy Moss is taking some heat from the NFL Media for supposedly tanking it last week.
  • Lawrence Phillips was sentenced to 31 years in jail for his crimes.
  • ESPN is reporting that the NFLPA will cover any fine that Chad OchoCinco receives for wearing Chris Henry’s Jersey Number on Sunday.
  • Holmgren turns down Seattle job
  • Bears @ Ravens and 49ers @ Eagles pushed from 1pm to 4pm for Weather related reasons. 
  • Join our Cover it live event all day Sunday, 1pm to close.

Friday’s 5 links

Must read stories on this Friday from around the web.

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  2. Great Blog at the Houston Press on which upcoming NBA games should have dollar beer night.
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  3. Welcome back Walgreens, we are so proud of you for bringing back Beer and Wine…
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  4. Thanks to Maint for this one on Kevin Durant’s New Creamsicle shoe.
  5. This picture is on the following link…lol

Thursday thinks

  • I think it’s a horrible way to start the day this morning, RIP Chris Henry.  Even with all his past history, this was a shocking end.  Where do the Bengals go from here? 2 horrible tragedies this year.  Good luck to them.
  • I’m thinking what took so long for Tiger’s wife to get the divorce process started? (if the reports of it happening are true by almost every news source)
  • I think if you don’t have the NFL network you are going to miss some great games on Thursday and Saturday this week.  I won’t shed a tear.
  • I think Vinny Cerrato being let go is a move that had to happen for the Redskins.  Bringing in someone else doesn’t change the fact that you have an owner who has way too much input on running the team.
  • I’m thinking I better get started on Christmas shopping.  Only one more week…ouch.