Booze Review #1 – Yuengling Black & Tan

Let me first start off by saying welcome to the first official Booze Review on I know that Swissy has written some liquor reviews so we here at have decided to continue that idea into official reviews. There is no significance to the first drink I chose to review, I just happened to buy a 12 pack of beer at the store and decided this was going to be my first review. In the upcoming editions of the Booze Reviews, I hope to try out some new beverages that some of you might not have tasted before in hopes of maybe helping you find new favorite beer or drink.

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Idiot of the week: 11/23

It’s a Monday, which means idiot of the week time at I had trouble coming up with an idiot of the week until I saw an article from the Associated Press this morning. The article goes into detail about Shaq becoming a police officer upon retiring from Basketball, if and only if, he completes certification and training from the State of Ohio.


Congratulations to the state of Ohio for being our idiot of the week.

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Friday and Saturday Events

What’s happening in the sports world as we head up to the NFL on Sunday?  Here’s what you don’t want to miss!


  • Friday
  • Cal vs Ohio State (ESPN2 5pm) BB
  • Syracuse vs UNC (ESPN2 7:20pm) BB
  • Magic vs Celtics (ESPN 8pm) BB
  • Flyers vs Sharks (NHLHD 10pm)


  • Saturday
  • Ohio State vs Michigan (ABC 12pm) FB
  • UConn vs Notre Dame (NBC 2:30) FB
  • LSU vs Miss (CBS 3:30) FB
  • Capitals vs Maple Leafs (NHLHD 8pm)
  • CAL vs Stanford (VSHD 7:30pm) FB
  • Oklahoma vs VCU (MASN 7:30pm) BB


Anything we miss, let me know…