What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 18 The “Ocho”

funnyVolume 18 of what’s chapping the commish hits home with his Bengals.  Past couple years Chad Ochocinco aka Chad Johnson has gotten a lot of flack about his game.  Critics keep saying he is a prima donna, only cares about himself, doesn’t care about winning, and is a nuisance to the team.  What is so wrong with someone actually caring about what he does and takes joy in his profession? 

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Idiot of the week: 9/28

December 23rd, 2007.

Heading into yesterday, that was the last time the Lions won a game in the NFL Regular Season. Congratulations to Jim Zorn and the Washington Redskins for allowing the Lions to get their first win, and congrats again to Jim Zorn for being one of our co-idiots of the week.

Zorn gets the nod for allowing a young coaching staff to out coach him, with the Lions keeping the ball for nearly 37 minutes of the game. No need to go into much detail about the Skins Zorn…


As for our other idiot of the week, Dick Jauron decided to punt the ball with a little over 7 minutes left on a 4th and 1 and trailing 17-7. Dick Jauron explains his decisicion below…

“Oh, absolutely,” Jauron said. “It’s a 10-point game. We’re not going to give them the game. That’s not to say we might not have made it. But it’s not a good gamble, in my opinion, to give them a short field right there in a tight football game. We had fought the whole time to get it there, to keep it there.”

Last time I checked Dick, can you honestly win when your are going to punt on 4th and 1 with 7 minutes left and being down 10? Basically Dick Juaron just wanted to almost win and not get embarrassed. What a pathetic loser. This also is the second time this month that Dick Jauron won our idiot of the week.

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NFL Kickoff today and cover it live event.

Week 3 of the NFL kicks off today after a huge day of upsets in the NCAA yesterday. Will the upsets continue in the NFL as well?

Storylines for this week…

Who would have thought before the season that a 49ers vs Vikings game would be so interesting?

Can the Lions beat the Redskins?

Will Drew Brees continue his hot streak?

What does Ocho Cinco have planned for today? (Last week’s move)

Jets try to stay undefeated vs the Titans today, should be a good one.

We will start our cover it live event earlier than normal today, at 9am. Live twitter feeds from all the ESPN Blogs and NFL Reporters along with comments we are seeing from the web and from NFL Sunday Ticket. Check it out here.

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Wiki additions

Our wiki page hasn’t been updated in quite some time, probably for the fact that I’ve focused on getting the main page up and running and then being burned out from work. Tonight we can no longer say that with the new additions of “so what” and “greenys“.

Some may call it stereotyping and some may just call me arrogant. I call it american and funny.

10 Mid week thoughts 9/23

1. Through two weeks of the NFL, we still don’t know all that much about this year. That said, two teams I feel certain about are the Ravens and Giants. Both have a great defense that comes through when they need it along with steady handed qb’s who have a run game to back them.

2. Bud Light Golden Wheat comes out next week and I’m almost as happy as I used to be on christmas eve as a young kid. I’ll forget the fact that Bud Light and the word Wheat just don’t seem like they would go together because it’s another Beer from my favorite company.
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