Idiot of the week: Michigan Wolverines 8/31

Ann Arbor, Michigan (ids) — In less than a week Michigan will have it’s hands full with Western Michigan and yet the focus of the Wolverines is surrounding a possible rules violations with the NCAA. ESPN has reported that Michigan’s own players have alleged that Rich Rodriguez and the team have committed NCAA Rules violations by practicing too much in the off season and being forced to participate in off season voluntary workouts. If that wasn’t enough, Rich Rodriguez and his team also have to contend with the fact that they are’s idiot of the week for August 31st.

The 2008 season for the Wolverines was one of the poorest in their legendary history for first year Head Coach Rich Rodriguez. Home losses last year to Toledo and Utah along with a 3-9 record was not the solid footing Rodriguez hoped to get off to with Big Blue. The schedule for this season looks to be a bit easier but with a less than stellar off season things are continuing to get worse for the Wolverines.
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Deadspin’s hating on your NFL team

A few more games and week 4 of the NFL preseason will be concluded. Previewing the upcoming season generally is a guess on how the season will go, but why not take a “Spin” on previewing the season. Deadspin is now giving reasons why “your team sucks”. 21 teams in and it’s been a pretty funny read thus far.

Check it out here: Link

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Preseason week 4

– Peyton Manning continues to look like the best QB in the NFL. You could plug in any WR who has half a brain and they would like an all world WR with him. (Manning was 12 of 15 for 123 yards and a TD in Saturdays game vs the Lions.)

– Drew Brees is probably the 2nd best QB in the NFL right now. He runs his offense as good as any QB in the NFL. A healthy Shockey and Colston this year have the Saints primed to improve on their year of mediocrity of ’08. (Brees had 2 TDs in the first half of their Saturday afternoon game.)

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Vick Era begins again

What did Vick do to deserve this?

Michael Vick couldn’t have scripted his release from prison go any smoother than it has over the past month. Tonight after over 2 years away from the game he loves, Michael Vick will be on the field in a live game as a quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles. How could things have gone any smoother for the QB with quick legs?
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Idiot of the week: 8/24

I’ve always felt that going against what the Media and your fan base is commonly saying isn’t always a bad idea.  Many times a team goes with a fan base and then kicks themselves for making the move instead of being patient.  Fans always rush to judgment and are so entrapped in their team that they can’t always take a step back and look at the big picture.  I stated last week in my 10 mid week thoughts that I thought maybe the Red Sox gave up too early on John Smoltz with all things considered, and that’s why they are this weeks Idiot of the week.

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Vick, Ocho Cinco, and Yankees Saucxx

If you thought Vick was done being in the headlines for stuff other than football, think again!  The media is all over Vick and his possible Grey Goose drinking night.  Who cares?

Ocho Cinco looks like he won’t need to worry about kicking field goals and extra points anymore…

Yankees Red Sox on ESPNHD tonight…Yankees win the first game 20-11, then the Red Sox win 14-1…should be a fun Sunday Night.