Obama’s Beer choice

According to a blog on CNN.com, Obama prefers Bud Light as his choice of Beer and with this weeks kegger about to take place at the white house with the featured guests being the Racist Police officer and Harvard Intruder, Obama will serve Blue Moon for the Po Po and Red Stripe or Beck’s for the Burglar. If you ever had doubt before who was telling the truth in that case, I’d go with the Pig because of his beer choice…some may disagree but I don’t really care.

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(Note: the above paragraph was obviously a joke, we are not going to assume like the president and actually call out anyone.)

10 Mid week thoughts: 7/29

1. Sad to hear Jim Johnson lost his battle with cancer, RIP.  The guy was a defensive genius with the blitzing and you could almost fill anyone in the front 7 for the eagles and know that they would be fierce and get after the ball.

2. Brett Favre to stay retired?  WHAT?!?!?!?!  Why Brett?  We could have had some great games to watch, could you have imagined Brett returning to Cheeseville with a Vikings jersey on?  That would have been Must See TV…and why is everyone mad at Brett?  The guy deserves to play if he wants to and who cares if he takes forever to decide, he’s all time great.

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Idiot of the week: 7/27

17 idiot of the weeks so far, and almost every single one of them has been an easy pick. I wasn’t ready to write the idiot of the week for Monday yet but Saturday night in between drinks I decided to check espn.com and found talk of the Baseball hall of fame this weekend.  Every year I’ve wondered why the hell are they doing that this weekend?  What’s the significance?

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