Idiot of the week: 6/1

Another week, another round of allegations surrounding the integrity of sports and one event that had my head scratching.  Usually baseball is the one being pounded with steroid allegations, or whatever the hell people blame on A-Rod from week to week.  A-Rod has seen his share of media attention, whether it be from his enormous contract, a positive steroids test, tipping pitches, Madonna, and being the cause of global warming (Okay maybe he didn’t start Global warming but why not just blame him?).  Lucky for baseball and lucky for A-Rod this week, they will not be winning our idiot of the week Award.

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Golf is back next week

Golf returns after a 3 week hiatus next weekend with the Memorial Tournament in Dublin, Ohio.  Golf didn’t technically take three weeks off but without Tiger Woods at the events, does it even really count as a sport worth televising? No offense to any other golfer out there but when Tiger isn’t in the tournament, Golf shouldn’t be on a major network, they should be relegated to the Golf Channel or a channel like Versus. 

Thank you Tiger for returning next week.

LCR Drinking game

It’s Friday at 5pm and you have something boring going on later or you just want to forget the work week a little bit faster, well boy do we have a heck of a game for you!

From the creators of the term Kreshki and Ballgames, presents the LCR Drinking Game.  The LCR game has been around awhile, but no one has taken the great dice game and made it a drinking game, at least until now.  Check out the official LCR Drinking Game Manual here: LCR Drinking Game .

The game requires the official LCR dice, which you can pick up at Spencer’s or somewhere they sell games, or online for cheap at locations like Amazon.


Favorite Summer Time drink

A slow but steady dripping is coming from your forehead as the humidity is almost unbearable.  Yard work has to be finished before you can slip into that refreshing pool, but you want to take a few minutes to rest and cool yourself down.  What drink is going to refresh you the most on a weekend afternoon? Put away the water and lemonade, you are past the age of 14 and it’s the weekend…you want something that will ease the pain of mowing a half acre and trimming the edges. 

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Van Gundy far from Gone

I don’t think anyone is more shocked at the developments of the NBA Playoffs than I am.  I all but wrote off Stan Van Gundy and the Magic when they were down 3-2 to the Celtics in the 2nd round.  Somehow they won both game 6 and 7 to move on to the Eastern Conference Finals.  Van “Gone”dy was far from Gone unless they were swept in my opinion after the 2nd round win. 

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What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 10 James Harrison

This week’s version of what’s chapping the commish brings us to James Harrison of the Pittsburgh Steelers.

This is old news but still when I think about it, it chaps. Mark Cuban just chapped more at the time than Harrison did, but I did not forget about Mr. Harrison and is idiot comment.  Most of Americans know that when your team wins the National Title, Super Bowl, World Series, etc… that they get invited to the White House.  It is a tradition that has been going on for a while. 

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Maintown’s Mailbag 5/26

Dear Maint,

What does A-ROD see in Madonna, I need to get me some of them drugs.

Trippin in Texas


Thanks for writing in, Trippin in Texas, but right off the bat (no pun intended) I’m going to try and dissuade you from taking or even finding these drugs. You don’t want to go down this road trust me.


Arod has been the suspect of many allegations, most of which lately involve steroids. Of course these aren’t even allegations anymore, they are reality. The rumor I am confronting in this response is A-Rods sexuality. You ask what does A-Rod see in Madonna? When I first read the question I immediately knew what my response would be, because its what I thought to myself when the first rumors circulated about A-Rod and Madonna. Continue reading

Idiot of the Week: 5/26

This week’s idiot of the week is a tad delayed but none the less is a no brainer for this week’s award. The NFL and run-ins with the law seem to be a staple with the league, and this week we are reminded that you really shouldn’t push the limits when it comes to being told to stop what your doing. Another thing we learned this week is that a truck that should only seat 4, should never seat 13.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VIII – The Shrinkage

10 hours of driving, 24 beers, and a sore rotator cuff from too much cornhole is what this weekend consisted of. I finally made the trip out to Virginia Beach again over the weekend for the annual Memorial Day Weekend Tiki Bar Alcohol Extravaganza at William Foss’ place. He was quite the host, providing all of us with a plethora of activities including a pool, hot tub, tiki bar, cornhole, food, and beer. It was good to see the rest of the contributors minus Nick who has yet to provide an excuse for not showing up.
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Memorial Day Recap

This weekend was a doozy. Most of was in Virginia Beach and we were doing what we do best: Drinking, Corn Hole and watching NBA Playoffs.

We will resume our normal blogs later today and tomorrow. Our idiot of the week award will be posted tonight.