Maintown’s Mailbag 4/30

Dear Mr. Maint,

Is it true that women find guys more attractive after 3 or 4 drinks? How do I get women to drink more without shoving it down their throat?

Craig in Washington D.C.

Craig…. are you kidding me? Are you new to this whole thing? Do you know what alcohol is? HELL YEAH it makes you look better if a chick has had a few. I’m not gonna go into huge scientific detail on this, but I do recall seeing an article on CNN that linked alcohol to differences in how things are percieved between drunk and sober people. Obviously this is the case for guys, I know for a fact when I’m throwing a few back, girls that might not get a head turn are suddently quite cute. I can only assume this works in vice-versa.

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Bulls Celtics tonight makes for a great happy hour

If your looking for something to watch while you drink your beer or favorite alcoholic beverage, the Bulls and Celtics play game 6 of their great series tonight at 7pm on TNT.

I’m thinking of something heavy and quick to the point so I’m either going Blue Moon/Shock top or a 40 oz of Malt Liquor…only because 7pm is a early tipoff and in order to get up to game shape after work you will have to put in some big time work.

A 7pm tipoff is great for Bars with happy hours until at least 8 or 9 because you can save money and watch a great game in a good atmosphere…then again we here at idrinksport don’t frown upon drinking alone with HD and 5.1 Dolby digital surround sound.

The Hangover Chronicles – Part V – The BC Mist

Hey guys sorry about being a day late this week. I know you all hate my guts now, but whatever screw you guys, good things come to those who wait. You will forgive me before you finish reading this I promise. So I got drunk as shit Saturday night and I forgot to pick up the Alka-Seltzer Morning After from the store which was supposed to be my test for this week. I was too hung over to get my ass up to the store in the morning so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write this post. Then I got to thinking. I found a cure suitable for weekends last week, but a cure for the weekdays when we have work was requested. I wouldn’t be a true hangover scientist if I didn’t follow what I was recommending to you so this is The BC Mist.
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What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 6 NFL Contracts

The latest volume in the what’s chapping the commish is brought to you by



Dr.Pepper and its Authentic Blend of 23 flavors in each can.

This volume of What’s Chapping? Has been chapping the commish for a long time, and it’s about players and their contracts.  The past two weeks there has been reports about players not liking their contracts and wanting to negotiate or get traded.  Jason Peters of the bills was the latest player on this long list.  Peters who has been to the last 2 pro bowls feels his contract he signed prior to the pro bowl isn’t up to his liking.   If a player shows me he is worthy of a high salary due to constant high level of pay, then yes you deserve it.    However once that their contract is up then we should renegotiate to the pro bowl level salary. Now Sheldon Brown who wants to renegotiate his contract with the eagles.  Philly has said no and he now wants to be traded because philly will not restructure.  I love this stance on philly’s part, if you didn’t like the contract you are under why in the hell did you sign it in the first place?  There has been plenty of other players who are in this same group, chad johnson aka Ocho Cinco had tried this 2 years ago and the front office said no.  Since then he has been trying to get out of cincy because of it, and same thing with Anquan Boldin.  Boldin definitely deserves his contract restructured because he is worth the dinero and helped take the cards to the super bowl.  But now he is wanting out of Arizona because of it,  anquan just wants them to  “show me the money”(shout outs to dwayne aka cuba gooding jr).

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Gary Payton and the NBA Channel

Just a quick blog because I am utterly shocked that Gary Payton has a job that mainly uses speech. When “Dem” and “Dat” are uttered continuously throughout every sentence, it may be time to step back and learn the language just a little bit. To top it off, the NBA channel has Gary Payton using a smart board and he was clumsily moving around objects as if it was his first time using it. If that wasn’t annoying enough, Gary was reading off the stats one by one as if we were blind and couldn’t just read them ourselves…I don’t think the point of the Presentation was for you to read what everyone can clearly see, it was to explain what the data means and how it is relevant.

Has dis guy taken Speech or dat Communications 101 joint yo or what?

Buffalo Bills 50th Anniversary Team widget

Now, being a Buffalo Bills homer as I am, I found the 50th anniversary team as a great thing to celebrate the teams 50th year. I wouldn’t normally mention the Bills just to mention them on this blog because my opinion on them is skewed a tad. But then there was a widget that I wanted to share with people…

I have to say this is pretty sweet programming by whoever did it for the team..i’ll have a drink for that!

Idiot of the week: 4/27

NHL and Hockey in general has taken a serious beating in the last decade as their sports popularity rivals George Bush’s last approval rating. This week we will try and boost that by awarding our Idiot of the Week trophy to New York Rangers Coach John Tortorella. Tortorella squirted water into the crowd and then threw the bottle at a spectator before threatening to hit them with a hockey stick. Not only does he win our award, but he also got suspended for game 6 of his opening round playoff series.

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