Hangover Chronicles Part I : The Water Guzzle

There are many hangover cures and theories out there and some of them work and some of them don’t. I have taken it upon myself to put myself through the agony of headaches, stomach aches, sweating, and possibly vomiting, to test these theories and so called cures for you. This great idea came from a friend of mine (Haley VanderMeer. Holler!) and I am not sure if she was actually trying to help by coming up with this great idea, or because she wants to see me in pain, but regardless it’s a great idea so you can thank her and my liver for this experiment.
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2009 Mock Draft by The Commish

Updated 3/29/09       

The 2009 NFL Draft is fast approaching, and for all those die hard football fans this is our last real taste till camp starts.  I wanted to throw my name into the mix of mock drafts on the web.  This is solely my thoughts and feelings, it is not intended to offend or disgrace any franchises.

With the first pick of the 2009 Draft…….

1. Detroit Lions- Jason Smith OT (Baylor) Lions will plan to trade their #20th pick to broncos for Cutler.  Smith will help protect their new franchise QB

2. St. Louis RamsAaron Curry LB (Wake) St. louis needs playmakers on defense, with the tackle position being deep rams take the best defensive player available.

3. Kansas City Chiefs–  Eugene Monroe OT (UVA) Chiefs lose out on the tackle they wanted and LB. KC will take the next best OT.

4. Seattle SeahawksMichael Crabtree WR (Texas Tech) Monroe is gone which was their top choice, it is too high to draft next best LB or OT.  With Deon branch been hurt recently why not surround Hasslebeck with crabtree and housyomama

5. Cleveland Browns Brian Orakpo DE(Texas) No brainer for cleveland whose defense is poor. Orakpo is consensus # 1 DE in draft

6. Cincinnati BengalsBJ Raji DT (BC)-  Cincy has never had a big run stuffer up front, Raji would be a huge upgrade for their D

7. Oakland Raiders Jeremy Maclin WR (Mizzou)-  Name me any of the raiders WR, this adds a name and face to a weak WR core.

8.Jacksonville Jaguars- Malcom Jenkins CB (OSU) Jags need in WR is obvious but WR is deep this year, if crabtree and Macklin are gone its not worth reaching for another WR.  Jenkins can start Day 1 on defense.

9. Green Bay Packers-  Aaron Maybin DE (Penn St) Jenkins their top pick is gone, KGB is getting old.

10. San Fransico 49ers- Mark Sanchez QB (USC) 49ers are in need of help in the QB department.  Just lost JT O’Sullivan in FA.  Another choice could be Andre Smith

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Showdown Sunday…

Already Michigan State and Louisville are underway, and it’s going to be a great day for basketball.
Not much to say other than i can’t stand Louisville’s full court hand checking. I’ve hated Pitino since ’96.

A lil video for your viewing pleasure.

Really? You flashed your lights?

In case you haven’t heard, Donte Stallworth recently steamrolled a pedestrian who was illegally crossing the road to catch a bus after working the morning hours at his construction job.

It’s okay though, because Donte Stallworth flashed his lights at the man.

Oh really?

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Left Turn Madness

Although I have no interest in watching 500 miles of anyone driving anything, NASCAR seems like a sport that at some point could become interesting if they take what makes other sports great and apply it to theirs.

1. After no one watches the entire season, people will tune in for Left Turn Madness, where a bracket of the 32 best drivers are picked by a Panel on a Sunday.  All the great stuff from NCAA Basketball would also be done for NASCAR, creating extra hype around the event.  Bracket shows, Lunardi’s Bracketology, etc.

Left Turn madness could consist of One on One 20 lap races until you have a winner?  Could actually be interesting, especially if you add number 2.

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The Commish’s Weekly Top 5 Draft Position

Due to the NCAA March Madness and the chaos of filling out the perfect bracket, I was unable to due my weekly draft analysis last week.  I skipped the TE position due to lack of enthusiasm and talent, there is only one real TE to talk about and that is the dude from Oklahoma State.

This week I will be discussing the all important Tackle position.  This position can make or break a team and their chance of playoffs.  Besides QB this might be that 2nd most important position in football.

1. Jason Smith- Baylor (Top 3)
   Smith is a converted TE to tackle during the 2006-2007 season.  So he has had a couple years to develop the necessary tools.   All though Smith is okay at his height and weight for the position, he makes it up with his speed and ability to react quickly.  This can contribute to his previous days as a TE.  Pros-  Tough aggressive blocker, reacts to pressure quickly,  uses length of arms to get rushers at bay.  Cons-Not a lot of experiece at position missed 5 games last year with MCL tear.  Gets caught on his heels a lot, needs to improver lateral movement.

Good fits-  St.Louis–  With the Loss of Orlando Pace, St.Louis will look to fill that void with the rising smith.  Browns-2nd year quarterback who got hurt last year due to offensive line, why not improve your franchise.  Bengals- This position will bring cincy back to the years of 04-06, we hope he is here at number 6.

2. Eugene Monroe- UVA (Top 5)
    Monroe would normally be the third best tackle in this draft but with Andre Smith stock plummeting every day.  Monroe finds himself near the top of the draft.  Monroe had a stellar career at UVA earning AP All-American Honors in 2008 .  Monroe has the size and bulk NFL teams look for in a tackle.  Pros- Monroe has probably best feet in the draf for a OL, his best blocking is during Pass plays.  Cons- His big drawback is he doesn’t show the edge or toughness during run blocking.

Good FitsSeahawks–  seattle with the addition of Housyomama will look to keep hasselbeck on his feet.  With Smith going top 2, monroe is best bet.  Will fit in well with their philosophy.  Bengals-  You will find cincy on all the Tackle position players, because that is their #1 concern.  Raiders- Anyone remember that guys name from Oakland who they took top 3 from Iowa, I can’t.  He was a bust, and with a young QB offensive line must be a priority.

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Shot Clock

As we continue to reach a goal of hitting the initial 100 Sports Terms and Drinking Terms for the Man’s Wiki we will periodically post a link to a few of the ones we have recently added.

When playing beer pong in college, especially with women, there can be a load of distractions. After hundreds of hours logged on the Pong table, we enacted an official shot clock by using our Microwave timer to officially force someone to shoot or lose their possession. When first started it was only used after a few reminders but as time constraints and amount of people at a party went up, the rule was forced after 10 seconds.

To read more on the Shot Clock, please visit the Wiki Entry.


Little known fact – SUI  or Showering Under the influence.  While we won’t go into the legal situations of an SUI we do know this, it will kill your buzz so please be careful.

For More information on this Crime, Please visit here

Well we continue to drink this weekend watching March Madness I thought I would remind everyone that as you watch tonights Matchup of Texas vs Duke, please remember that your always one drink away from a Kreshki, so be careful – http://idrinksport.com/mediawiki/index.php?title=Kreshki.

Blue Moon last night and Today I may just drink a little lighter of a beer.   drinkability?

March Madness Happy Hour…

It’s officially March Madness today, and I can’t wait for the first games to begin.  Does it get any better than March Madness?  The little guys vs the Big guys…the Top teams from every conference going head to head as we try to sort out who is the best team in the Country.

I’m planning on hitting the bar up for a little happy hour in between the first round of Madness today and the 2nd round that begins around 7.  If there is a local bar with a great happy hour, today is the day you want to get there and pound a few before the action picks back up.  For some people, watching the news, cooking dinner or spending a few minutes with family in between the action is a necessary evil, the great thing for me today is I can just go to the local bar and pound a few before heading back to the friendly confines of hd and 5.1 surround sound to watch basketball.

What were drinkin/watchin-3/18

Tonight we are skipping over the easy picks in the NBA for a little more competitive basketball as we call tonight’s match ups in the NIT a little bit of a warm up session for tomorrow’s big day.

Miami at Providence – Miller Lite – 7pm on the deuce
Georgetown at Baylor – Bud Select – 9pm on the deuce

Most everyone should go with a light beer tonight because tomorrow will be a hardcore drinking day as we gear up for the first day of the first round of the NCAA!