Free Agency beginnings

Free agency started friday, and the moves have been amazing.  Matt Cassell may not have been technically a free agent but there was no way the Patriots were going to keep him at 14 mil a season.  I personally haven’t been a huge fan of Cassell but the cheifs got a great player and a good vet in Vrabel for a 2nd round pick.

  1. Fred Taylor to the patriots…Great Move
  2. Brian Dawkins, Correll Buckhalter, JJ Aarrington to the broncos….Great pickups
  3. Ryan Fitzpatrick to the Bills, Not noteworthy and won’t up the season ticket sales.
  4. Kitna to the boys for anthony henry?  Great move by the lions and the Cowboys must be looking to dump the salary because Henry is a pretty good corner.  Kitna is old and coming off an injury, I would never make that trade.
  5. Brooking in dallas…good to average pickup

My plea to Vick

Mr. Vick,

With your impending release from prison, I have a few requests.

  1. No pets – They are a waste of your money anyway and serve really little purpose.  If they eat their own waste, enough said.
  2. Cut ties – Cut all ties with your old friends.  I don’t care if you think you can trust them, more than likely you can’t.  I’d even think about cutting ties with some of your idiot family members (See: Marcus)
  3. No Raiders/Cowboys – Quite obvious why
  4. Stay out of the camera view for awhile until someone else does something stupid

Other than those, I wish you luck Mr. Vick.  A lot of Pet fans will never forgive you, most of them won’t be christian or sane so for the most part I wouldn’t even worry about them.

Best of luck

Wasted Wednesday

Oh yeah, some big games on tonight. Tip off in a few minutes for Uconn vs. Marquette. Should be a hell of a game. After Louisville’s dominations of Gorgetown, they are now tied with UConn atop the big east. So UConn will be taking their nation leading 9 road wins in a row (tied with Radford University of course) into Marguette, looking to extend that streak.

I still say having Dyson out has really hurt and may continue to hurt the Huskies but look for Thabeet to have a decent game. Some key players to keep an eye on: Greg Austrie, who will be stepping in for more minutes due to the loss of Dyson. Also keep an eye on A.J. Price’s point guard play. Also, Jeff Adrien and Thabeet have not had the greatest of game as of late so look for them to add some fuel to the fire.

Predicitions: Uconn 78 – Marguette 65

Other good games to keep an eye on: Duke vs. Maryland – with Maryland coming off their upset over the Tarheels. I see Duke coming out on top in this one, I just dont see Vasquez having the game he did again.

Virginia Tech vs. Clemson – Clemson will most likely prevail, but the Hokies wont go away.

Draft Positions

I’m starting up my weekly Draft review, each week I’ll pick a different position and give you my top 5.  I will also write a quick synopsis and which team they would best fit.

This weeks position will be QB

My Top 5 is as follows:

1. Mark Sanchez
         –  I know people are scared because he has only 16 starts to his pro career, and he is getting grouped in with David Klingler, Akili Smith, and Joey Harrington.  With QB’s he came on late in their college careers with less than 2yrs experience.   I like sanchez because he is mobile and very accurate with 66% last year, doesn’t have a strong arm as Stafford but the strong arm doesn’t always win in the nfl.  He would be good in a west coast system.

Good Fits:  Kansas City(Pioli ex pats exec whose system was dinks and dunks),  St.Louis has an excellent run game that is always key to young QB.  San Fran– close to home, good running game and decent WR corps.  Minnesota which would be the ideal place for him, top 3 defense, best running back in league.

2. Matthew Stafford
We keep hearing about Stafford’s arm strength, which is probably best in this draft class.  But if you have watched him in the SEC since he has arrived he tends to rely too much on his arm strength.  He gets lazy on his mechanics and throws off back foot and doesn’t get squared up.  This is where most of his interceptions came from just thinking he can wing it.  Put him with the right receivers i.e. possesion receivers will help his accuracy.

Good FitsDetroit– They like to throw it a ton, and don’t seem to care too much about INT’s ie- john kitna. If lions do not take him first, look for them to draft OL and trade their #20 pick and 3rd rounder to grab stafford in top 10.  Kansas City– only depending on if they change their philosophy, they are a run first team.   New York Jetshe will be way gone before they draft, but he would fit in perfect with jets.  Already have good WR’s and defense is top 15.  Jets would have to give up a lot to get him, and don’t know if it would be worth it.

3. Josh Freeman*Kansas St
               –  Freeman has everyone looking at him, he is a team’s ideal QB.  He has the size 6’5 and good with his feet.  Lot   of knocks on him is his decision making skills, but he has good arm strength is very accurate with his deep balls.  At Kansas state, he played with marginal at best players, so given time in NFL he should be able to develop into a good pro.

Good Fits–  Chicago Bears–  Bears are in need of a QB for the future, grossman & orton are not the key.  Sit him one year and let him practice and learn.  Bears been trying to get McNabb, maybe this will be there equivalent to him.  Vikings– obviously they like a mobile QB with drafting jackson and giving him a chance, this is a good team for any rookie QB to come into.  Eagles–  i know this is a long shot but why not have McNabb groom him to be his successor, he can learn for couple years behind McNabb and when McNabb retires you have is sidekick ready to go.

4. Nate Davis*Ball State
             I like MAC QB’s they might not play against the top NCAA teams, but they always seem to be well coached and willing to adapt.  Big Ben is a good example he had one good year in Miami OH and pitt drafted him and have asked him to do what they want.  Knocks on davis is one he is only 6’1″ and level of competition, he has a strong arm, and is accurate with his throws.  Big question mark is his ability to read and make good throws under pressure,  got rattled in both MAC title & bowl game last year.  I see him as a back up in the NFL

Good Fits- St.Louis- doesn’t need to start right away with bulger can learn and get used to speed of NFL.   Saints- all though they are not in need of a QB, he fits their system.  Only qb in MAC to throw over 3,000yrds in consecutive seasons.  Would be a good place to learn under Drew Brees.  Buccaneers– their QB situation is up in arms with Garcia not likely to be coming back.  Decent WR corps there, Defense usually good, and Tampa always seems to like the shorter mobile QB’s.

5. Rhett Bomar*Sam Houston St
– Transfer from Oklahoma to the Bearkats,  while at Oklahoma he passed for 2,018yrds and 10 tds in 2005.  This was not a stacked sooner team like we are accustomed too.  He has decent size at 6’2″, mobility is average.  Has the ability to throw it deep, but is more known for his low INT to TD ratio.  Teams might be scared to take a chance on a kid from the FCS division, but would be a good 2nd day chance.  I see Harrell and maybe another Qb being taken ahead just because of name and school.

Good Fits: Seattle- not in need of a Qb but would be ideal to learn behind hasselbeck.  Patriots– patriots like to draft unproven qbs and develop them into their mold.  Colts–  Manning will not be playing forever so to get a young QB in and learn under him would be best thing to happen to the kid.

Radford University Highlanders

Gotta take a quick minute here to recognize the Big South regular season champions!!! Radford University defeated VMI on Saturday 97-90 on the road to clinch the regular season title. (Side note: I believe all of us that work on this site are tied to Radford University by either graduating or attending it for some period of time, so this is a big deal to us.).

The Radford University Highlanders, as winners of the Big South regular season title, now have homecourt advantage throughout the Big South tournament. This is somewhat good timing since our athletic center just was remodeled and completed a few months ago. Wednesday night (2/25) we play host to High Point. Heading into the game with our 8 game win-streak, I’m confident we can hold off High Point. (Radford University also has a nation leading 9 game road win-streak, as well as winning 13 of its last 14.)

This is our first regular season title since 2000-01 season (which most of us who work on this site were seniors in high school and a year away from being at Radford, and trust me, they havent really come close to having a season like this since then…)


2/20 Games

Tonight the Lakers play host to the Hornets in what should be a very entertaining game.  Like any NBA game it almost entirely impossible to pick who will win but I think the Lakers should be able to handle the Hornets.  Although I will personally root for the Hornets to win, I don’t see them winning on the Road over a very tough Lakers team.

The first game on ESPN will see the Mavs go on the road and beat the rockets.

Predictions: Rockets 84 Mavs 98: Lakers 112, Hornets 104

College Basketball Parity

This has probably been the best year I can remember for college basketball in past years.  There is so much parity this year that any given night the top team can lose, and most likely will.   Harvard beating BC which might be the biggest surprise of the year.  No excuse losing to an IVY league school not named Princeton.  Va Tech upending Wake at home when they were crowned number one.  Wake got their revenge when duke came calling that next week.  And not to mention my personal favorite Cincinnati over G-town twice. (Had to throw that in there)  But seriously this season has caught my attention a lot more than before.  I am turning on every night to catch who has lost and what good games are on.  I used to just care about Cincy and Xavier, but now I’m finding myself to be a college basketball fan all around.  

Should make for a very interesting tournament, going to be a lot of spoilers!!!

Wed. Night action

Well i was completely wrong last night in predicting a Michigan state win.  Tonight Providence heads to Louisville for a complete whooping.  Louisville is way more talented and providence won’t have a stadium full of caffeine + donut filled losers to cheer them on.  I think Louisville wins by 12…Perhaps 87-75 over the friars.  I also like Virginia Tech to beat UVA 71-63.

In the NBA the Hornets face the Magic and I have no Idea who is going to win.  On the one hand you have a tough Magic team who is without their point guard for the remainder of the season and I could see them falling flat on their face, but on the other hand you have a team who traded away a young center for two average NBA expiring contracts.  I’ll flip the coin and go with the hornets because of point guard play and say Hornets 101, Magic 85.

Michigan State @ Purdue

Tonight’s clash of the Spartans and Boilermakers should prove to be Purdue’s last real hope to win the Big 10 regular season title.

Both teams are getting healthier but a big rebound advantage should allow Michigan State to go on the Road and take down the boilermakers…furthering their lead in the Big 10.  Purdue’s only hope is that Hummel can hit a few threes to stretch the floor and as a Team Purdue must get on the Boards if they expect to have a chance.

I see Michigan State 65, Purdue 54.  It may be closer if they rebound better than I expect them to.

Why Baseball is dead to me

Baseball as America’s pastime has always been a slogan thrown in my face for as long as I remember.  The sad thing is I always used to think it was, especially when I was playing as a Little Leaguer.  Nothing was better than a night game as a kid during the school week.  Get there an hour early, buy your big league chew and gatorade and just watch the previous game finish up while you stretch and warm up.  After Little League, baseball was no longer a favorite of mine…I don’t know why it became this way with me but whenever I watch it now, I don’t get the same joy I had when I was younger…

To me, Baseball is America’s Past Time.  Just like Hockey, the sport wasn’t so popular in my life that when little things continue to hit it…I kept falling further and further away with each scandal and Strike.  I still try hard to get excited about it, along with Hockey, but there is never the same passion that I have for Football and Basketball.  Steroid use doesn’t bother me, the large amount of money they make doesn’t bother me either.  Maybe the Reason I don’t care about Baseball is the pure fact that there are just so many other things to do then watch a 2-1 baseball game…or maybe I’m spoiled about how thrilling a Football or Basketball game is…

But don’t get me wrong, I’ll jump on the oppurtunity to go to a baseball game in person…it combines sports and drinking…two things I am very passionate about, you just won’t find me caring about the game more than the 24 oz Budweiser in my hand.