Maintown’s Mailbag 5/26

Dear Maint,

What does A-ROD see in Madonna, I need to get me some of them drugs.

Trippin in Texas


Thanks for writing in, Trippin in Texas, but right off the bat (no pun intended) I’m going to try and dissuade you from taking or even finding these drugs. You don’t want to go down this road trust me.


Arod has been the suspect of many allegations, most of which lately involve steroids. Of course these aren’t even allegations anymore, they are reality. The rumor I am confronting in this response is A-Rods sexuality. You ask what does A-Rod see in Madonna? When I first read the question I immediately knew what my response would be, because its what I thought to myself when the first rumors circulated about A-Rod and Madonna. Continue reading

Maintown’s Mailbag 5/5

Dear Maintown,


I have a dilemma with a friend and I need some advice. I am a big sports fan and so is my friend except we both like different sports. I like football, basketball, and baseball. He likes NASCAR, badminton, and synchronized swimming. I only think that it is fair for me to sit and watch his events with him because he painfully sits through the games I watch. This is really agonizing for me to do, but I have to because he is a good friend of mine, but watching them makes me question my sanity. What can I do to keep these games interesting while I watch them?

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Maintown’s Mailbag 4/30

Dear Mr. Maint,

Is it true that women find guys more attractive after 3 or 4 drinks? How do I get women to drink more without shoving it down their throat?

Craig in Washington D.C.

Craig…. are you kidding me? Are you new to this whole thing? Do you know what alcohol is? HELL YEAH it makes you look better if a chick has had a few. I’m not gonna go into huge scientific detail on this, but I do recall seeing an article on CNN that linked alcohol to differences in how things are percieved between drunk and sober people. Obviously this is the case for guys, I know for a fact when I’m throwing a few back, girls that might not get a head turn are suddently quite cute. I can only assume this works in vice-versa.

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