Daily Basketball – Cheap Fanduel picks for October 29th

What a great start to the NBA season last night with some high scoring and highly successful Fantasy outputs.  Anthony Davis, Terrance Jones, Omer Asik and others had huge stat nights.

Today feels like the real start to the season as most teams are making their debut tonight.  I’ve been scowering the web looking for injury updates and have come across some decent fanduel plays at a few positions.

Here are my cheap picks for October 29th:

PG: Donald Sloan for Indiana.  Today he’s worth $3,500 and starting as George Hill is out.

SF: C.J. Miles for Indiana.  Injuries are killing the Pacers and he’s only going for a mere $4,400.

PF: Ed Davis for the Lakers: Ryan Kelly is assumed to still be out and he played solid enough to make the $3,700 well worth the investment.

C: Enes Kanter ($4,700), Miles Plumlee ($4,700) or Samuel Dalembert ($4,800) are all starters that should give a solid output.

Please Note: This is strictly who I’m going with personally.  I don’t suggest you using these players without doing some research as well…especially leading up to the game for the latest injury reports.

Reaction to All Star Weekend. Over hyped and over hated.

Do you ever get tired of every sports event being so debated?  Why can’t we simply just enjoy the event for what it is?  Why does everything always have to be “improved” or “removed”?

I may sound like an old man but I can’t stand that everyone has an opinion on every topic and that they either over hype or over hate it.  I don’t think the All Star weekend was great nor do I think it was bad.  It was somewhere in the middle and was actually as entertaining as I thought it would be.  If you go into everything expecting to be on the edge of your seat, you’re gonna be highly disappointed more times than not.

I’m not going to be the one to call for the Slam Dunk Competition to change, or force the stars to enter.   Would it be nice? Sure.  I do expect the NBA to try and come up with some new competitions or try and entice more stars to enter.  What would be really nice is to see a 2 on 2 or 3 on 3 competition on Friday or Saturday with the Rising Stars.  Who wouldn’t like watching a little make it take it and first to 11 wins?

Just my thoughts….

NBA lockout, Tebow, Seasonal Beers, and more

The NBA cancelling the first two weeks, and likely more, only effects the people who count on money from those Home Games in NBA Cities.  In terms of my interest, I’ll mainly miss the commentary of the TNT Studio Analysts more than the games themselves.  I personally believe the NBA should lower the amount of Regular Season games to strengthen their product.  The NBA has a bad stigma of the first three quarters of a Regular Season Game being meaningless with most players going at about 75% speed.  If games mean more, your product strengthens and the revenue should rise.  Just my thoughts.


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Beasley and Russell = same story?

We’ve seen these stories before.  Ryan Leaf and Kwame Brown both had the world at their finger tips before their Professional Drafts.  After each of their buzz wore off, we found that their talent was just bloated hype.  The world didn’t stop for them like they thought it would, and now both are infamous for all the wrong reasons.


This week we hear that JaMarcus Russell is reportedly on his way out of Oakland.  Russell, a former first pick with possibly the strongest arm in the NFL, now finds himself competing with Ryan Leaf for possibly the worst Draft Pick in the history of the NFL.  Although it may be too soon to say it’s over for Russell, the writing is clearly on the wall and he has only himself to blame.


Let this be an early warning to Michael Beasley of the Miami Heat.  Your hype and past success will only take you so far in today’s sports.  Beasley comes across as lazy and seems to lack a basic Basketball IQ at times.  Is he Kwame Brown? No, but two years into his career he has had off the field issues which includes a rehab trip before the age of 21.  Let’s hope he turns his life and basketball career into something more than just a story of “what if…”

Idiot of the week: 3/15

In a slow week for idiots, I’m reminded of how stupid Stephen A. Smith is.  He reported that “NBA sources” told him that Allen Iverson was battling drinking and gambling problems and could possibly see all of his wealth go down the drain. So instead of seeking professional help for Allen Iverson or confronting him in private, Stephen A. decided to nationally embarrass AI by basically saying his problem will soon lead to “RIP AI” as a trending twitter topic.


We all know Stephen A. Smith has become a less relevant sports reporter since leaving ESPN, and this is his pitiful attempt to stay in the limelight, but come on Stephen A.  When was the last time your best idea for helping someone was publically airing dirty laundry?  You my friend, are this week’s idiot.


Congratulations to Stephen A. Smith for being our idiot of the week for March 15th, 2010.


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Idiot of the week: 1/25

It would be easy to pile on the Vikings for their miscues and mistakes in the game yesterday but generally we don’t like to give the Idiot of the week for heat of the moment decisions that go bad.  Which is why I am going to love the next sentence.


Congratulations to the New York Knicks for their long overdue award as idrinksport.com’s Idiot of the week.


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What’s Chapping the Commish? Vol. 25 NBA All Star

As a young chap growing up in the rough streets of Waynesboro, & Winchester, VA I remember getting excited about the NBA All-Star weekend.  You had all the big name superstars showing off their talents.  There was Bird, Reggie miller, and mark price in the 3-point shoot out.  Then the mack daddy of them all, the dunk contest, Dominique, Jordan, Kobe, Vince, and the list goes on.  And then the actual game wasn’t that bad either, you had players who actually took the game serious and had good competition.  Oh how the recent all star weekend has gone so bland, and unentertaining.

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