We’re not dead. Really. I’m telling the truth.

I know it’s been quite a few months (if not over a year) since our last post.  I guess it’s pretty typical to see a blog go dormant for quite a bit of time or even see the site shut down.  Our lives change, we grow or lose family members, change jobs, travel, get stuck on other side projects, etc.

We still drink.  We still Love Sports.  We still have opinions.

I’ve started working on a new simpler site with less overhead that should allow me to quickly voice my opinion.  I still tweet from @idrinksport so if you want to follow me, do so.  Feel Free to drop me a line.

Friday Update

  1. If you haven’t seen the Olympic celebration of a Canadian smoking a cigar and drinking a beer…head over to the YAHOO photo gallery and take a look.
  2. Syracuse hosts Villanova tomorrow night at 9pm on ESPN.  A must see sporting event this weekend to go along with the Gold Medal Hockey game on Sunday. 
  3. If you haven’t been paying attention to the Hot links section on our main page, go take a look and check out the Paris Hilton Video.  I’m not a huge fan of hers but that video is making me reconsider… http://idrinksport.com
  4. The Beta Version of the Sports Event Map continues to get updated.  Last night Version 0.5 was released, which includes Baseball information for the 2010 Regular Season. http://idrinksport.com/events/
  5. Thanks to our boy Maintown for this link… Vince Carter throwing down a 86 foot shot from his ass.

Beer Hunt

A new page, a new idrinksport.com quest to build more content for everyone to enjoy and pass some time.  Our Beer Hunt is quite simple, if you are drinking a Beer that isn’t featured on the page, take a picture and send it to us.  We will put it on the page and hopefully compile a ton of Beer pictures. 

Check out the first few pictures, http://idrinksport.com/beerhunt/


(Credit to Buddy from http://epate.com for the idea and the first few pictures)

Brett Light Golden Favre Day

This coming Monday is a special day for all sports fans who enjoy drinking a beer. The first “Brett Light Golden Favre Day” is here and we are really looking forward to celebrating with everyone.

Most Holidays force you to out think the world when it comes to buying gifts for someone or even yourself. For “Brett Light Golden Favre Day” we can take the guessing game out of it for you, just visit our Brett Light Golden Favre Day page and get all the details.

Happy Holidayseses,

Details: Brett Light Golden Favre Day

Wiki additions

Our wiki page hasn’t been updated in quite some time, probably for the fact that I’ve focused on getting the main page up and running and then being burned out from work. Tonight we can no longer say that with the new additions of “so what” and “greenys“.

Some may call it stereotyping and some may just call me arrogant. I call it american and funny.

New Design

As we move forward in a new design for our site, we have decided to push our new design live. Although not 100% complete, we feel that it’s far enough along to move past our original design. Any feed back is welcome and we hope to continue improving the site to make it a great destination.