The Hangover Chronicles – Part IV – The Hair of the Dog

Unlike last week, my plan for THC this past weekend actually panned out like I wanted it to. This edition is pretty cut and dry, because there were no unexpected mishaps (vomiting) or birthdays so I will try to keep this as interesting as possible. How, you ask? Because ladies and gentleman, for the first time in Hangover Chronicles history we have success! The Hair of the Dog actually freaking worked. I have actually never attempted this hangover cure before. I have always either been too hung over and drinking a beer right when you wake up and feel like dying isn’t the most appetizing thing to do, or because I just thought that it never would have worked. Now as I have learned in the short period of my experimentations, these work differently for different people. The Water Chug did not work for me, but it did work for somebody else I know that tested it out. Maybe they drank more water than me, but some things just work differently for people. Continue reading

Hangover Chronicles – Part III – The Throw Up

I am going to go ahead and apologize right now before part tres gets underway. I had a cure planned for this weekend and sometimes plans don’t really go the way they are planned to go. That being said, I will not mention which cure I had planned, but rather which one just happened to be the one that fell onto my pillow so to speak. If you have a weak stomach at all, you might want to suck on some bread or whatever you weak stomached people do before reading something.
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Hangover Chronicles – Part II – The Chaser Pills

Welcome back to the Hangover Chronicles ladies and gents. Part II was a special edition for the Chronicles because it was my 25th birthday. I did not get as drunk as I thought I would, but I think that turned out to be for the best as you will read later. Since there are many hangover cure theories out there, I figured I would start off the first couple weeks with the more well known or popular ones. Last week I did the chugging of water before bed and this week is the Chaser Pills! Chaser Pills I have to say that I didn’t have high hopes for this week’s theory simply based on the fact that if this theory actually worked people would be raving about it, and when I told someone what this week’s cure was, they didn’t even know what the damn things were. Continue reading

Hangover Chronicles Part I : The Water Guzzle

There are many hangover cures and theories out there and some of them work and some of them don’t. I have taken it upon myself to put myself through the agony of headaches, stomach aches, sweating, and possibly vomiting, to test these theories and so called cures for you. This great idea came from a friend of mine (Haley VanderMeer. Holler!) and I am not sure if she was actually trying to help by coming up with this great idea, or because she wants to see me in pain, but regardless it’s a great idea so you can thank her and my liver for this experiment.
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