The Hangover Chronicles: Preemptive Failure PT. II

June 30th, 2009 was the last episode of the Hangover Chronicles and many devout followers have been looking for a spin off of this great series for quite some time.  “Put em Down” Brown’s great series is still being syndicated at but we needed some fresh content.  I suppose you could say this blog effort is kind of like that last season of Chappelle’s show, some funny stuff for sure, but hosted by someone else and just never quite felt right. 


Getting to the destination. I began Saturday with a beer at kickoff of the Syracuse Pittsburgh game and would continue to crush 7 beers by 3pm.  Mostly Bud Selects in the beginning and quite frankly, they went down so easy you might as well called them the Syracuse Defense.  I then began drinking the tall boys at Buffalo Wild Wings, 24 oz Coors Lights on draft.  Finishing up the night at a Tavern with some 12 oz light beers I had reached my destination as slurring was evident and quite possibly I could have been drooling while playing pool.


The Hangover Setting in.  We’ve all been there before, the nasty headache after all day drinking.  The dreaded hangover before you even go to sleep!  A nasty headache usually leads to either throwing up or passing out…luckily I passed out.


The Cure attempt: 2 Aleve. All day relief.  Before passing out, I luckily took some Aleve.  The brand slogan was catchy, but all I was really hoping for is a solid night relief, not the desired all day relief Aleve brags about.


Results.  The results were great, no headache or overwhelming sickness when I woke up.  Considering I drank little water and had no real hangover, I would definitely recommend this cure and will possibly try it again in the near future if I’m ever stupid enough to drink that much again.

Disclaimer: The above solution was done by professionals and should not be attempted at home. We don’t suggest trying anything we do at home.

The Hangover Chronicles – Part XII – The Mineral

A mission of every Hangover Chronicle is to find a hangover cure or bust the myth of it really curing a hangover.  The Creator of the Hangover Chronicles, “Put em down” Brown, had a vision of where these blogisodes would take us and how they would eventually help the drinking community overcome the dreaded hangover.  However, a month ago the drinking community lost a fearless leader when “Put em down” went to the Betty Ford clinic due to alcohol abuse and the stress being put on him by attempting to cure hangovers.  This past week, Mr. Brown let us know that he was out of the clinic and back home having a few drinks as he tries to get back in shape in time for the late summer/fall season of the Hangover Chronicles.  We wish him the best of luck for a full recovery.

This week in the Hangover Chronicles we will be attempting to add minerals back to our body via Pickles and Tunafish.

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The Hangover Chronicles – XI – The preemptive failure

A common hangover remedy is to hit the Hangover before it has a chance to get going.  This week we wanted to try the Advil before going to bed and see if it helps offset a major hangover.  That being said, not every weekend will be a successful attempt at curing your hangover, it just comes with the territory when your drinking with friends and quite frankly, when your really drunk.  That doesn’t mean I don’t want to share with everyone Saturday’s attempt, and the effort of getting a hangover for Sunday morning.

A planned trip to Williamsburg, VA for a Busch Gardens day of drinking was delayed due to heavy rain.  Did this stop us from drinking? Oh no…

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The Hangover Chronicles – Part IX – The Ade

I officially have a drinking problem. I don’t think it is an ordinary type of drinking problem. I don’t drink during the week very much if at all recently, and I don’t get belligerent and start fights or anything. Actually some people can’t even tell when I’m drunk when I am, and obviously one of those people that can’t tell is me. My brain tells me I’m completely fine and not drunk, and my body is like the 17 year old girl that drank too much and now has alcohol poisoning. It sucks because when I’m drinking I feel fine and don’t think I need to take it easy or stop drinking so I just keep guzzling them down until I pop. So yes, I had another throw up session in the confines of my bedroom again. As I laid there and my body temporarily paralyzed, I realized after the second wave of pasta alfredo ejection that I really have a problem. Obviously if I could control it I would and since I can’t then I think I need to stop drinking for awhile. I know you might say “just drink a couple”, but yeah I may do that for awhile and then when I think I have it under control I will get tanked and discharge.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VIII – The Shrinkage

10 hours of driving, 24 beers, and a sore rotator cuff from too much cornhole is what this weekend consisted of. I finally made the trip out to Virginia Beach again over the weekend for the annual Memorial Day Weekend Tiki Bar Alcohol Extravaganza at William Foss’ place. He was quite the host, providing all of us with a plethora of activities including a pool, hot tub, tiki bar, cornhole, food, and beer. It was good to see the rest of the contributors minus Nick who has yet to provide an excuse for not showing up.
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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VII – The Concoction

Good to be back. I missed 2 weeks of testing in a row and for that I apologize. I am so deeply sorry that I put myself through some sick crap for this week’s THC. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I came up with this because there is plenty of other so called “cures” out there that don’t involve torture. My highly intelligent plan was to put a bunch of stuff that is supposedly good for hangovers or for you in general into a big glass and drink it. I know what you are thinking, what an awesome idea, but calm down let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

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The Hangover Chronicles – Part VI – The Bacon

The most important meal of the day is supposedly Breakfast, so why not try a hangover cure involving your morning breakfast? Doing a little research we found that Bacon is supposedly a great hangover cure due to the amount of amino acids associated with Bacon, therefore replenishing your body with the ingredients lost during drinking alcoholic beverages. Is this a myth or does it really help? This week’s blogisode will find out.
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The Hangover Chronicles – The Review I

With 5 weeks of rigorous scientific testing and with so many complex results, I figured I would take every sixth week off and write a review about the past 5 weeks. Actually, I was going to do a test this past weekend, but things didn’t work out so now I am making shit up. I know that it seems like I have been slacking for the past 2 weeks, but things were sort of out of my control over the weekend.

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The Hangover Chronicles – Part V – The BC Mist

Hey guys sorry about being a day late this week. I know you all hate my guts now, but whatever screw you guys, good things come to those who wait. You will forgive me before you finish reading this I promise. So I got drunk as shit Saturday night and I forgot to pick up the Alka-Seltzer Morning After from the store which was supposed to be my test for this week. I was too hung over to get my ass up to the store in the morning so I thought I wasn’t going to be able to write this post. Then I got to thinking. I found a cure suitable for weekends last week, but a cure for the weekdays when we have work was requested. I wouldn’t be a true hangover scientist if I didn’t follow what I was recommending to you so this is The BC Mist.
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