Week 3 Predictions

Here are some quick predictions of each game this week.

Bills 27, Chargers 13: EJ continues solid play and defense gets important turnover to break open game.

Bengals 28, Titans 9: Too much on the road for the Titans.

Ravens 23, Browns 21: Ravens kick late FG

Lions 34, Packers 28: Megatron early and often.

Colts 24, Jaguars 17: Colts too much offense to lose this one.

Patriots 26, Raiders 13: Thaaaa Rayyyyderrrss….lose again.  Bucs and Raiders are clearly worst teams in NFL.

Saints 38, Vikings 6: I see this one getting really ugly.

Giants 17, Texans 13: Giants find a late score to win finally.

Eagles 34, Redskins 21: Skins keep it close through 3, then the better team takes over.

Cowboys 23, Rams 10: Cowboys have way better QB…usually that matters a lot.  Even if it is Romo…

49ers 27, Cardinals 17: I could see Cardinals winning if Palmer plays and plays well…49ers bounce back.

Dolphins 21, Chiefs 20: Late score too much for the Chefs.

Seahawks 34, Broncos 27:  I could see this getting ugly too but I think Broncos play well.

Panthers 18, Steelers 12: Has the makings for a fg shootout…

Bears 24, Jets 14: Bears upset Jets on road.

Week 1 and 2 thoughts: Fantasy Football, Falcons and more

The first two weeks of the NFL regular season end tonight with a primetime matchup of the Eagles and Colts.  It’s been a rough last 7 days for the NFL with the Ray Rice Video, Adrian Peterson’s photo leak of Child Abuse, and a few other domestic abuse cases to round out the week.  My love for the NFL hasn’t wavered, although I am tired of the bad news and the constant over coverage of cases that have yet to hit the final stages of the court room.

After Two weeks, Here are my thoughts on each team:

  • Buffalo Bills: Solid Defense, steady play from EJ Manuel have them off to hot start.  Need to win 2 out of the next 3 to continue momentum.
  • Miami Dolphins: Injuries at Linebacker and now RB have reason to believe this may be a tough few weeks for the Phins.
  • New England Patriots: I need to see a few more weeks on whether its the same old Patriots or just the old Patriots.  I’m not high on their offensive weapons outside of Gronk but when you have Belicheat and Brady…pencil em in for 11 wins.
  • New York Jets: I’m a fan of them keeping Rex Ryan for as long as possible.  Everyone always says he has a great defensive mind (same with his brother) but I continue to see teams score high on the Jets (and Saints).  The bungled timeout and a shaky Geno = 1-1.  I’d expect that trend to continue as their offense is very average.
  • Baltimore Ravens: Steve Smith adds toughness where their Front office lacks it.  This team could be solid but I’d tend to believe they go 7-9 this year with the Bengals giving them two L’s and probably splitting with Browns and Steelers.
  • Cincinnati Bengals:  Injuries at WR and an average arm strength can’t keep them down (Sanu clearly has best arm on team).  Good defense, Good RB and Ginger has played really well…easily going to win the division.
  • Cleveland Browns: Surprised they are 1-1.  Could really care less about this team.
  • Pittsburgh Steelers: Lack a consistent running game either by design or lack of faith in O-Line.  Don’t get the Todd Haley coordinator move still and Big Ben has a lot of up and down games the last few years.
  • Houston Texans: May be 2-0 but haven’t played great competition.  Redskins should have beat them week 1 but had too many mental lapses in the Red Zone.
  • Indianapolis Colts: Cream of the Division, I don’t care their record through the first few weeks, will win this division simply because of Luck.
  • Jacksonville Jaguars: Stink
  • Tennessee Titans: New Coach, inconsistent at qb for the past few years continues.
  • Denver Broncos: Offense looks really good at times, i’m holding out judgement to see how Welker and Von Miller look later in the year. They’re beatable though…at least slightly more than last year.
  • Kansas City Chefs: 0-2, have a decent shot of picking up some wins but I could see a bad year with injuries and average QB play at times
  • Oakland Raiders: They may go winless.  Not a Carr fan.
  • San Diego Chargers: Biggest threat to Broncos by far this year but they lack something on offense to me.
  • Dallas Cowboys: Dez Bryant may be best WR in NFL.  Shame he’s on this team.
  • New York Giants: By far one of the worst teams i’ve seen so far.  Tough to watch on offense, they have little talent outside of Eli and Cruz…
  • Philadelphia Eagles: Not a fan of their WR’s but McCoy, Sproles and Ertz are as good as any in the division.
  • Washington Redskins: No RG3 and the Cousins lovers rejoice.  Let’s see what they think after the Eagles game this coming week.
  • Chicago Bears: Cutler can be really good, he can also be really bad at times.  If he plays well they will a lot of games.
  • Detroit Lions: Typical Lions letdown game…ton of talent on offense, they  need to score more.
  • Green Bay Packers: Rodgers is good, defense is bad.  He better ice that arm this year…he will need it.
  • Minnesota Vikings: Pats whooped the Vikings like Peterson did….nevermind.  Let’s hope Peterson helps them this week because they need him bad.
  • Atlanta Falcons: Matt Ryan is over hyped after last year and that continued with week 1’s result.  Not saying he’s bad but he gets more hype than he deserves.
  • Carolina Panthers: Defense is very good.  Cam solid in his return, they could win this division again…which I don’t think has ever happened since the NFC South was formed. (Back to Back winners)
  • New Orleans Saints: I think the preseason has carried over for this team. No Drew Brees all preseason but he hasn’t been their biggest issue.
  • Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Same ol same ol.  See Raiders.
  • Arizona Cardinals: 2-0, more a result of the schedule and luck vs the chargers.  Lets see if it continues.
  • San Francisco 49ers: Kap needs to play better. looked bad in the 2nd half…
  • Seattle Seahawks: Road game vs solid team means they could lose any week.  Not panicking if I’m them though.
  • St. Louis Rams: Lucky they played the Bucs…they had no business winning with their QB situation.


NBA lockout, Tebow, Seasonal Beers, and more

The NBA cancelling the first two weeks, and likely more, only effects the people who count on money from those Home Games in NBA Cities.  In terms of my interest, I’ll mainly miss the commentary of the TNT Studio Analysts more than the games themselves.  I personally believe the NBA should lower the amount of Regular Season games to strengthen their product.  The NBA has a bad stigma of the first three quarters of a Regular Season Game being meaningless with most players going at about 75% speed.  If games mean more, your product strengthens and the revenue should rise.  Just my thoughts.


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NFL Week 2 Chat

We’re covering the games live today….

Vacation Drinking and the NFL Lockout

Almost any online sports site is reporting that the NFL Lockout is nearing it’s end and we’ll have a full NFL season this year.  Although that’s good news, did anyone really think they wouldn’t get it done?  It’s also not surprising that the NFL will most likely be back in time to stick it to Fans for that first week of preseason games…nothing like paying Full price for watching mostly non NFL players with a week of practice.


Recently returning from a vacation in the Outer Banks, I’ve never been more impressed with my liver.  A few beers that I had on tap while down there…

Blue Point Toasted Lager – Toasted Lager’s balanced flavor of malt and hops makes for easy drinking and the special lager yeast we use produces an exceptional, long-lasting smooth finish.


Corolla Gold from Weeping Radish – Corolla Gold (Munich Helles) is a golden-hued, medium-bodied, German lager style beer with a slightly sweet, malty profile. Our cases contain 12-22oz bottles.

10 Mid Week Thoughts


1. I wonder why during Winter Months my body naturally has the urge to drink Shock top, Blue Moon or a more full flavored beer.  Yet during the Spring and Summer months I have no desire.  Is there a pill I should be taking?


2. Two Recipes I ran across on ids.com today – Lemon Ale Chicken and Chocolate Stout Cake.  The Cake sounds great…not so sure bout that chicken.


3. So a study says that 1 in 12 fans leave sports games drunk.  So out of 65 thousand people at an NFL game, 5400 or so are above the legal limit.  That’s a bit scary…I’d be really nervous about that stat if I wasn’t usually one of the 5400.


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Idrinksport Fanasy Recap Week 6

6 games into the Fantasy Season we have a log jam of teams at 3-3, with Gonzo n 10 continues its early season dominance at 5-1.  Playoff are getting closer teams will look to make moves to ensure their team is in the position they need.

UC Bearcats (2-4)  83.34  vs. Batman & Robin (4-2) 79.20.  Upset of the year so far, the offensively challenged bearcats used a strong performance from Peyton Manning to shock  Batman & Robin.

 VaBeach Orange (2-4) 76.27 vs Beazy (3-3) 65.13. Someone alert the presses there is life in Va Beach Orange.  The Orange is the second hottest team in the league right now with a W2 streak.

 Number Juan(3-3) 68.95 vs Steel Breeze (4-2).  Number Juan pulled a fast one on the breeze as he used Steel Breeze own beloved Steelers D against him for the victory.  Dirty? Or Gamenship

lvlaintown (3-3) 66.64 vs America’s Team (3-3) 92.51.  The cheese is slowly melting in lvlaintown’s front office as the team has dropped 3 straight. Execs are gathering up crackers and chips to help stop the flow.

ATL SB Bound (2-4) 82.21 vs Gonzo n 10 (5-1) 86.75.  This battle of falcon homers watched gonzo n 10 keep up its winning streak and reach a league high 4 games.

Swissy (2-4) 68.95 vs Endzone Boyz (3-3) 82.86 Schaub’s aerial attack and Steven Jackson ground game overwhelmed swissy, and endzone boyz picked up the W

Is the world falling apart?

Before last week I lived by only a few truths in this world.  Death, Taxes, ESPN Mock Drafts, and that Wrangler commercials accurately depicted how Brett Favre lived his life.  Fast forward to this week and I’m still paying taxes and preparing for death, but my two other solids in life are taking a solid beating.


Tackling Favre’s issue first. Favre is accused by deadspin.com of having sent indecent pictures of his penis to a jets employee two years ago.  Roger Goodell and the NFL are looking into the story and I’m sure we will learn more in the coming weeks.  What do I think?


I find it hard to believe that Jenn Sterger really went public about something like this with a website like deadspin.com.  The site consistently lacks a moral compass and in my personal opinion, constantly exploits women with their images.  So who do we trust?  A Golden Gun Slinger in wranglers or a woman who became famous for her looks?  I have a hard time believing something didn’t happen, but I also have a hard time believing that this is the right avenue for someone to come forward with a case like this. If you think logically about the story, would anyone with credibility go to a website like TMZ or deadspin.com for justice? 


Moving on to Mel Kiper of ESPN.  Josh Luchs, a former NFL agent, came forward to Sports Illustrated about his dealings with college kids and how basically he would pay Student Athletes in hopes that they would eventually use his services.  Not really a ground breaking story but a good read over at cnnsi.com.  The damning piece of the story for Mel Kiper is as follows:

"Viper, how are you?" Gary said. That’s what he called Mel, Viper or Vipe. "Viper, I’m sitting here with the best defensive lineman in college football. Do you know who that is?"

"You must be with Willie Howard," Mel said.


Gary used Mel like that all the time. In the agent business, people know Gary and Mel are close, and some people suspect that Mel ranks players more favorably if they are Gary’s clients

Read more:


I’ll be the first to say that I could care less if this hurts Mel Kiper’s career, but you have to believe that it will. The reason he has a job with ESPN is to legitimately break down NFL drafts with an unbiased opinion.  If any of this is even remotely true, it’s going to be kind of hard to listen to him in April as he breaks down a mock draft.  See: Kiper has denied any wrong doing according to profootballtalk.com and ESPN’s Mike and Mike Radio show.



Idrinksport Fantasy Recap Week 5

Idrinksport.com’s Official Fantasy League

Week 5

lvlaintown (3-2) 49.84 vs. A.T.L S.B Bound (2-3)91.87
lvlaintown seemed to struggle putting away the off the field issues with his boyhood hero Brett Favre, as ATL SB Bound took advantage and dropped lvlaintown to 3-2 on the year.

Va Beach Orange (1-4) 85.99 vs. Number Juan (2-3)65.89
Trash talking started early for Number Juan as he looked to keep the orange winless on the season.  But the orange behind ray rice season high rushing attack shocked Number Juan.

Beazy (3-2) 101.92 vs. Endzone boyz (2-3) 93.65
Beazy offense finally clicked as rivers, Floyd, and Austin put Beazy over the century mark as he squeaked out a W.

goOOGoOGoNzO n 10 (4-1) 93.14 vs. UC Bearcats (1-4) 59.16
This battle of teams going in the opposite direction watched gonzo  n 10 defense keep the offensively challenged bearcats from getting on track.

America’s Team (2-3) 60.39 vs. Steel Breeze (4-1) 77.60
Despite rumors from Front Office Execs about Carson Palmer being teams #1 QB, the breeze used the Steelers blueprint in consistency to keep America’s team at bay.

Batman & Robin (4-1) 106.82 vs. Swissy (2-3) 76.74
Batman & Robin’s offense continues to put up points but team officials are not happy with the D as they have given up the 2nd most pts in the league.  Changes are soon to be coming.