Shot Clock

As we continue to reach a goal of hitting the initial 100 Sports Terms and Drinking Terms for the Man’s Wiki we will periodically post a link to a few of the ones we have recently added.

When playing beer pong in college, especially with women, there can be a load of distractions. After hundreds of hours logged on the Pong table, we enacted an official shot clock by using our Microwave timer to officially force someone to shoot or lose their possession. When first started it was only used after a few reminders but as time constraints and amount of people at a party went up, the rule was forced after 10 seconds.

To read more on the Shot Clock, please visit the Wiki Entry.


Little known fact – SUI  or Showering Under the influence.  While we won’t go into the legal situations of an SUI we do know this, it will kill your buzz so please be careful.

For More information on this Crime, Please visit here

Well we continue to drink this weekend watching March Madness I thought I would remind everyone that as you watch tonights Matchup of Texas vs Duke, please remember that your always one drink away from a Kreshki, so be careful –

Blue Moon last night and Today I may just drink a little lighter of a beer.   drinkability?