Thursday thinks

  • I think it’s a horrible way to start the day this morning, RIP Chris Henry.  Even with all his past history, this was a shocking end.  Where do the Bengals go from here? 2 horrible tragedies this year.  Good luck to them.
  • I’m thinking what took so long for Tiger’s wife to get the divorce process started? (if the reports of it happening are true by almost every news source)
  • I think if you don’t have the NFL network you are going to miss some great games on Thursday and Saturday this week.  I won’t shed a tear.
  • I think Vinny Cerrato being let go is a move that had to happen for the Redskins.  Bringing in someone else doesn’t change the fact that you have an owner who has way too much input on running the team.
  • I’m thinking I better get started on Christmas shopping.  Only one more week…ouch.

Sports News on Tuesday

In no particular order, here’s a run down of today’s news.

  1. Joshua Cribbs at RB? “Erik Mangini, coach of the Cleveland Browns said on Monday that he wouldn’t be opposed to Cribbs playing Running back. Last Thursday Josh Cribbs ran for 87 yards out of the wild cat formation against the leagues number one rush defense, the Steelers.” Fore more head over to the Steelers Country blog.
  2. Doctor who treated sports stars linked to PED’s.  One of the stars being Tiger Woods.  I never thought Tiger had to say anything but now I think it’s time he just talks.  This is only getting worse.
  3. Some of the Texas University Faculty aren’t happy with Mack Brown’s new salary of 5 million a year. What they don’t realize is the fact that he is paid from money raised by the athletic department along with the fact that 6.6 million has been handed over to the Academic side of the university due to the sports program.
  4. Randy Moss is taking some huge flack from just about everyone this week.  Thanks a ton sports world, he gets to take it out on the Bills this weekend.
  5. Cliff Lee and Roy Halladay being traded?
  6. Team USA gets a tough draw for the FIBA World Championships in 2010.  We aren’t talking soccer…

Every Golfers Must Need

For most golfers we are not pros, thus meaning we like to consume an adult beverage or two while we pay.  But the golf course prices makes it hard to do therefore making you stuff beers in your bag and consume them earlier than you want.  Well click on this link and check out this wonderful invention.  I hope to try this out and put my stamp of approval on it.