NBA lockout, Tebow, Seasonal Beers, and more

The NBA cancelling the first two weeks, and likely more, only effects the people who count on money from those Home Games in NBA Cities.  In terms of my interest, I’ll mainly miss the commentary of the TNT Studio Analysts more than the games themselves.  I personally believe the NBA should lower the amount of Regular Season games to strengthen their product.  The NBA has a bad stigma of the first three quarters of a Regular Season Game being meaningless with most players going at about 75% speed.  If games mean more, your product strengthens and the revenue should rise.  Just my thoughts.


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Idiot of the week: 8/16

If your arm and hand were worth 29 million over two years, would getting into a fight even cross your mind?  Even if you know that if anything goes wrong and it’s your fault, the employer will try to get back their money any way possible?


Well Congratulations Francisco Rodriguez for winning our idiot of the week award.


Rodriguez is accused of grabbing 53-year-old Carlos Pena, hauling him into a tunnel near the family lounge beneath Citi Field and hitting him in the face. Pena was taken to a hospital with a scrape and swelling above his eyebrow.


From Yahoo Sports;_ylt=Ap2n.6TPg7a3tOWFVxslRy45nYcB?slug=ap-mets-rodriguez

Idiot of the week: 8/2

“It’s all fun and games until someone loses a reliever” – Yahoo Sports.

Congratulations to Grant Balfour and Jim Hickey for being our idiots of the week.  After the two rough housed before batting practice this past Friday, Balfour was placed on the DL and will miss 4-6 weeks with an injured side.


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Idiot of the week: 7/19

AJ Burnett sealed the deal on his fate as our idiot of the week when he finally came clean about his injury to his hand.  Frustrated during a quick outing last week, Burnett shoved the door to the clubhouse, which had a pair of plexiglass lineup holders, causing his hands to be cut.


Congratulation to AJ Burnett for being our idiot of the week.


For more on the story head on over to YAHOO Sports. Source

Idiot of the week: 5/10

The idiots of the week keep getting easier.  Although Lawrence Taylor would usually win the award for his horrible actions, we saw an entire fan base upstage LT last week.  I’d be a bit nervous about saying this normally but I’m pretty confident that this entire fan base can’t read…

Congratulations to Phillies Fan base for being our idiots of the week.

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Idiot of the week: Mark McGwire 1/18

Generally I try to be all cute with my opening paragraph but today I’m going to get straight to the point.  Mark McGwire, you are a ******* idiot if you think we believe that the Steroids you took for a decade didn’t help you hit more home runs. 


Congratulations to Mark McGwire and his steroid sculpted muscles for being’s idiot of the week.

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